Your question: Is religion mandatory in Indonesia?

Despite constitutionally guaranteeing freedom of religion, the government recognises only six official religions: Islam, Christianity (Protestantism, under the label of “Kristen”, and Roman Catholicism are treated separately), Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

Is religion compulsory in Indonesia?

Every Indonesian is required to embrace one of these religions as it is mandatory personal data that is mentioned in official documents such as passports and other identification cards.

Religion in Indonesia.

Percentage share (of total population) 2.9
Absolute numbers (in millions) 6.9
Percentage share (of total population) 1.7

Is it illegal to not have a religion in Indonesia?

Freedom of religion is enshrined in the Indonesian Constitution; however legal protection is only afforded only to six official faiths of the country—Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. B. F. Intan has written that natural law does not require one to follow a particular religion.

Is it illegal to be an atheist in Indonesia?

There is, however, no legal provision in Indonesia that specifically prohibits atheism. As the Constitutional Court made clear in its decision on the 1965 Blasphemy Law, a person may not be punished for his or her personal beliefs or thoughts, because they occur in the private realm (forum internum).

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Is Indonesia a religious country?

Share of population Indonesia 2010 by religion

However, Indonesia is not a Muslim nation according to its constitution. The archipelago is a multifaith country and officially recognizes six religions – Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism.

Can you convert out of Islam in Indonesia?

In short, conversion out of Islam in Indonesia is completely a very sensitive issue,6 which tends not to discuss it publicly.

Are hijabs mandatory in Indonesia?

Under Indonesian national and regional law, female head-covering is entirely optional and not obligatory.

Can you practice Christianity in Indonesia?

Christianity. The government officially recognises the two main Christian divisions in Indonesia, Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, as two separate religions.

Can you change religion in Indonesia?

An Indonesian can change his/her religion freely. We have a constitution that guarantees freedom of religion. That’s true we only recognize 6 religions, but you can also find other religions such as Judaism, Bahai, and local religion, for example, still have the freedom to practice their religion.

Is it illegal to not have a religion?

The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits government from encouraging or promoting (“establishing”) religion in any way. That’s why we don’t have an official religion of the United States. This means that the government may not give financial support to any religion.

What is the percentage of atheist in the world?

According to sociologists Ariela Keysar and Juhem Navarro-Rivera’s review of numerous global studies on atheism, there are 450 to 500 million positive atheists and agnostics worldwide (7% of the world’s population) with China alone accounting for 200 million of that demographic.

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Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?

“Islam teaches to respect others’ values and culture. As Muslims, we don’t celebrate Christmas but as a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, we help people attend church services, take part in food drives and try to help and play a part in the joy of those individuals who are celebrating alone.

Who is the God of Indonesia?

Sang Hyang Acintya, also known a Sang Hyang Widi Wasa and Sang Hyang Tunggal, is the Supreme God of Indonesian Hinduism.