What is the literacy rate in Malaysia?

In 2019, adult literacy rate for Malaysia was 95 %. Adult literacy rate of Malaysia increased from 82.9 % in 1991 to 95 % in 2019 growing at an average annual rate of 2.32%.

Which country has the highest literacy rate?

Finland is the world’s most literate nation, according to new research, with the UK coming in 17th, behind countries including the US, Canada and Australia.

How many people in Malaysia are educated?

Malaysia literacy rate for 2016 was 94.88%, a 1.76% increase from 2010. Malaysia literacy rate for 2010 was 93.12%, a 4.43% increase from 2000.

What is the literacy rate of 2021?

Literacy rate of India 2021 is 74.04%. ***. The Male literacy rate is 82.14% and Female literacy rate is 65.46% according to Census 2021.

Does any country have 100 literacy rate?

Andorra is one such country with virtually 100% of its populace being literate.

What is Japan’s literacy rate?

Japan’s adult literacy rate is at around 99 percent. According to the results of OECD’s PISA Programme, Japanese fifteen-year-olds showcased high levels of education in the international comparison, scoring higher than the OECD standard in all rounds of assessment.

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What is China’s literacy rate?

Adult literacy rate is the percentage of people ages 15 and above who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement about their everyday life. China literacy rate for 2018 was 96.84%, a 1.72% increase from 2010.

Which country has lowest literacy rate?

Top 10 Least Literate Countries in the World:

  • South Sudan – 2018 – 34.52%
  • Niger – 2018 – 35.05%
  • Mali – 2018 – 35.47%
  • Central African Republic – 37.40%
  • Burkina Faso – 2018 – 41.22%
  • Benin – 2018 – 42.36%
  • Afghanistan – 2018 – 43.02%
  • Sierra Leone – 2018 – 43.21%

What is the education system in Malaysia?

The school system is structured on a 6+3+2+2 model, with six years of compulsory primary education beginning at age seven, followed by three years of lower secondary education, two years of upper secondary, and two years of pre-university senior secondary study.

What is the literacy rate in Singapore?

In 2020, the literacy rate for people aged 15 years and older in Singapore was 97.1 percent.

Literacy rate for people 15 years and older in Singapore from 2011 to 2020.

Characteristic Literacy rate
2019 97.5%
2018 97.3%
2017 97.2%
2016 97%

What is 2011 literacy rate?

The results of 2011 census reveal that there has been an increase in literacy in the country. The literacy rate in the country is 74.04 per cent, 82.14 for males and 65.46 for females.

What country has the highest literacy rate 2019?

Who are the world’s top 15 countries with high literacy rate in…

  1. North Korea. Isolated from the world, North Korea has topped the list for the highest literacy rate of 100%. …
  2. Latvia. …
  3. Ukraine. …
  4. Tajikistan. …
  5. Poland. …
  6. Lithuania. …
  7. Kazakhstan. …
  8. Azerbaijan.
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What is Bihar literacy rate?

Bihar has a total literacy rate of 69.83%. Overall Male and Female literacy rate is 70.32% and 53.57% respectively. Total Rural literacy rate is 43.9%. In rural areas of Bihar, Male and Female literacy rate is 57.1 and 29.6 respectively.

What is the literacy rate in USA?

Adult Literacy Statistics

The literacy rate for adults across the U.S. averages 88%.

Is America 7th in literacy?

A new world ranking of countries and their literacy rates puts the United States at 7th.

What percentage of the UK is illiterate?

This includes a direct challenge to address the fact that 20% of the UK adult population is functionally illiterate. The number of UK adults who are functionally illiterate is estimated at 6 to 8 million.”