Frequent question: What is the biggest call center in the Philippines?

Convergys is one of the biggest BPO companies in the Philippines. It operates almost 30 call centers across the country.

What is the biggest company of call center in the Philippines?

1. Accenture Inc. One of the largest BPO companies in the Philippines, Accenture serves over 85 clients from APAC (Asia Pacific), North America, and the EALA (Europe, Africa, Latin America) region.

What is the highest paying call center in the Philippines?

Highest paying cities for Call Center Representatives in Philippines

  1. Pasig. 219 salaries reported. ₱25,138.
  2. Alabang. 127 salaries reported. ₱21,711.
  3. 124 salaries reported. ₱21,480.
  4. Quezon City. 379 salaries reported. ₱21,126.
  5. Makati. 174 salaries reported. ₱20,605.

What is the number 1 BPO company in the Philippines 2021?


Accenture is the Number One BPO company in the Philippines. It is an international company founded in Dublin, Ireland. It’s listed on Forbes’s Global 2000 and ranked on Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies and 100 Best Companies to Work for.

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What is the first call center in the Philippines?

1999 — eTelecare, the first call center in the Philippines, is founded by Jim Franke and Derek Holley.

Which BPO gives highest salary?

BPO Salaries

Job Title Salary
Tata Consultancy Services BPO salaries – 13 salaries reported ₹18,004/mo
Teleperformance BPO salaries – 13 salaries reported ₹20,923/mo
Sutherland BPO salaries – 12 salaries reported ₹17,661/mo
Hinduja Global Solutions BPO salaries – 10 salaries reported ₹17,626/mo

What is the biggest call center in the world?

5 Largest Call Centers BPO in The World

  • Genpact. Genpact is a call center and information technology outsourcing company headquartered in New York. …
  • DialAmerica. DialAmerica is an outsourcing business process company headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey which was founded in 1957. …
  • Go4Customer. …
  • Telecontact. …
  • VADS Indonesia.

Which is better Sutherland or Sitel?

Sitel Group is most highly rated for Culture and Sutherland is most highly rated for Culture.

Overall Rating.

Overall Rating 3.4 3.6
Work/life balance 3.3 3.4
Compensation and benefits 3.2 3.3
Job security and advancement 3.1 3.2
Management 3.1 3.2

What is the best call center in the Philippines?

Best BPO Companies in the Philippines: The Top 10 Outsourcing Agencies in the Country

  1. MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services. Established in 2017, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. …
  2. Accenture. …
  3. Teleperformance. …
  4. Convergys. …
  5. Sykes. …
  6. 24/7 Customer Philippines Inc. …
  8. Sutherland.

How much is the salary of BPO call center Philippines?

The average call center agent salary in Philippines is ₱ 312,000 per year or ₱ 160 per hour. Entry-level positions start at ₱ 275,250 per year, while most experienced workers make up to ₱ 480,000 per year.

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Is call center a BPO?

Call Center is mainly focused on resolving customer’s queries, it is a subset of a BPO company and usually involves only phone work. BPO on the other hand, includes Call Center in its services and other outsourced back-office tasks.

Is Accenture a BPO or IT?

Accenture offers clients a value-driven approach to BPO, which means that we provide services well beyond lowering costs. We inject innovative, market-shaping industry insights that elevate our clients’ performance.

Who is the founder of call center?

In the late 1990s Indian entrepreneur Pramod Bhasin had an idea: why couldn’t English speaking Indians answer the customer calls coming into US businesses on the other side of the world and charge a fraction of the price of home grown services.

Who is the owner of BPO?

BPO founders Pramod Bhasin,Raman Roy & Ananda Mukerji retire into back rooms – The Economic Times.

What call center is all about?

‘ A call centre is a department or an office in which incoming and outgoing telephone calls from both new and existing customers are handled by a team of advisors, otherwise known as agents. It is traditional for companies of a larger size to have call centres for the purposes of: Offering customers support.