Best answer: Where can I buy a tourist SIM card in Singapore?

How do I get a tourist Sim in Singapore?

Buying a SIM card in Singapore is as easy as walking into a gas station, grocery store, post office, or phone shop. All you have to do is select the SIM card you want, present your passport, and pick a phone number, which is then registered with your passport details.

Can foreigners get SIM card in Singapore?

There are 4 Tourist SIM cards that are designed for short-term travellers visiting Singapore for up to 7 days, namely: Singtel $12 hi! Tourist SIM Card. Singtel $15 hi!

Can I get a prepaid SIM card in Singapore?

All three major telcos – Singtel, StarHub and M1 – offer prepaid SIM cards, giving you plenty of options depending on your intended usage. Different bundles vary in terms of the validity period, amount of local/roaming data, talk time and SMS.

What is a tourist SIM card?

A prepaid SIM card is a SIM card that does not come preloaded with credit. It can be used to provide mobile phone service in countries where no other form of… communication is available, such as when traveling to a remote area without an active cell phone signal.

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Can I buy an international SIM card at the airport?

Most international airports will have an official phone company kiosk in the airport. If you need a local SIM, head straight there after you land. You can also buy pre-loaded, local SIM cards on Amazon so you can start using your phone immediately after you land in your destination.

Which Sim is best in Singapore?

Best SIM-Only Plans For Basic To Moderate Data Needs

Plans Cost/Month (Including GST)
StarHub $25 SIM only plan (12 Month) – $25.00 – 100 GB data – 1,000 mins outgoing calls – Free incoming calls $25.00
M1 Bespoke SIM-Only (No Contract) – $15.95 – 5 GB data – 100 mins talktime – 100 SMS $15.95

Can I buy a SIM card at Singapore airport?

Thank you in advance. You can buy local sim at changi airport once you arrive. You’ll see shops with Singtel, M1, or Starhub logo where you can buy the sim card and ask them more about the data, cost, etc.

Can I just purchase a SIM card?

If your existing phone uses GSM technology, there’s a good chance you can purchase a new SIM card for it. You just need to make sure it’s “unlocked” first. Some carriers include software that links the SIM card to the phone’s serial number.

Which SIM can be used worldwide?

People looking for the all-round ol’ reliable, OneSim is the go-to choice of travel SIM cards. For those who want the best data SIM card they can use overseas, that choice is KeepGo.

Who can buy SIM?

HIGHLIGHTS. Indian citizens and foreign nationals can buy a SIM card in India by submitting a set of documents. Your SIM card will get activated within 48 hours and it varies from state to state. Foreign nationals need to submit proof of their Indian address for a postpaid connection.

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Can we buy SIM card online?

You may select your favorite numerals while sitting at home rather than hurrying to the store. The entire procedure, from purchasing SIM cards online through verification and receiving the SIM card, will take place online. It is possible to receive it within one day of purchase.

How can I buy a Malaysian SIM card in Singapore?

It is really easy to buy this Malaysia SIM card. Just go to the Qoo10 ICC store and select your preferred SIM card package. If you have any questions, you can contact Vivian at +65 94781225 (Whatsapp only). Do not worry about the “Retail Price” of $35.

Can you buy a SIM card online?

Why yes, of course – you can buy a SIM card online! All joking aside, buying the card you need has never been easier. Keep in mind, though, that only PCS SIM cards (used on a Sprint network) are compatible across MVNOs (Prepaid cellular companies).

Can I buy a SIM card in a supermarket?

You can buy sim cards almost anywhere in UK, from supermarkets to corner shops etc. Just make sure you have an unlocked mobile with you.

Can you buy a SIM card without a contract?

Pay-as-you-go explained

Pay-as-you-go SIMS have no commitment and no contract. Top-up your data, text or minutes by top-up card, credit or debit card whenever you want and choose the amount that matches your budget.

Can I buy SIM card without ID?

The city and district police units have come across retailers selling SIM cards of a mobile phone operator without verifying the identity of the buyers. They do not bother to collect copies of photographs, proofs of identity and address, which are mandatory to hand over SIM cards.

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