Best answer: How many phones can I bring to Vietnam?

However, passengers arriving in Vietnam are allowed to freely carry a second mobile phone with them if it is for personal use. The second phone is still subject to duties if its value exceeds VND10 million ($430).

What can I not bring to Vietnam?

Weapons and Explosives: We know that some countries allow citizens to own some kinds of weapons. However in Vietnam, using or bringing weapons (such as pistols, shotguns, and firearms) or explosives is totally prohibited. If you are caught with these items, you will definitely in trouble!

What do I need to declare at Vietnam Customs?

Customs documents required in Vietnam

  1. Bill of lading;
  2. Import goods declaration form;
  3. Import permit (for restricted goods);
  4. Certificate of origin.
  5. Cargo release order;
  6. Commercial invoice;
  7. Customs import declaration form;
  8. Inspection report;

Do American phones work in Vietnam?

Yes, you’ll be able to use your mobile phone in most urban areas of Vietnam, although remote and mountainous areas may have limited network coverage. Ensure you have global roaming activated with your mobile carrier before you leave home if you wish to use your mobile while in Vietnam.

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Can I use my iPhone in Vietnam?

Answer: A: Answer: A: The phones will work in Vietnam if they are not SIM-locked and if you disable Activation Lock (Find my iPhone).

Can I send electronics to Vietnam?

There is also a restriction on used electronics like telephones, computer parts, wireless equipment and computer hardware. These are prohibited from being imported into Vietnam, unless you have an import license from the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam.

Can I bring my gun to Vietnam?

You must apply with the chief of police of the state and give a good reason for possessing a firearm. There is no carry license. Importing of guns is not allowed. Vietnam Gun Laws: Civilians are prohibited from possessing firearms.

How much cash you can bring to Vietnam?

How Much Cash Can I Carry into Vietnam? There are no restrictions on the amount of cash that travelers can bring into Vietnam, but it may have to be declared at customs. If the cash is in Vietnamese Dong, the individual can carry up to ₫15,000,000 without having to declare it.

How much money can you leave Vietnam with?

If you plan to take money out of Vietnam, you can take out amounts of less than 15 million in Vietnamese dong or USD5000 (or equivalent in other foreign currencies) without declaring this. Any amount in excess of this will need to be declared to Customs at the airport.

How much gold can I bring into Vietnam?

When leaving Vietnam: A quantity over 300g of gold must be declared and be permitted by the State Bank. You are not allowed to bring out weapons, munitions, explosives, drugs, antiques, live wild animals, rare plants, and documents relating to the national security.

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Can I use my AT&T phone in Vietnam?

Att is a national provider, and has domestic coverage in all US states. Coverage in other countries is provided by other cell carriers. It is always cheaper to use an unlocked Phone and a local SIM card than to use the international passport plans.

Can I use my T mobile phone in Vietnam?

With our Magenta® plans, you get unlimited texting and data in 210+ countries & destinations. No international data-roaming charges.

Which SIM card is best in Vietnam?

Viettel is the best prepaid sim card in Vietnam in 2021!

Viettel has the best network and the fastest internet by far. For $5 you get 60 GB data for 30 days divided into 2GB data per day. A great deal to keep you connected on your Vietnam trip.

Is there WiFi in Vietnam?

Nowadays, Internet access in Vietnam – the wireless connection is provided throughout the country, in both public and private areas. Wifi access is currently available in almost all hotels, cafeterias, pizzerias, and even street food stores.

What is the best mobile network in Vietnam?

Viettel Mobile held fast its 4G Availability award, and remains the clear leader with an average score of 89.7%, though its rivals have worked hard to close the gap over the past six months.