Your question: Is Miss Saigon suitable for a 12 year old?

Miss Saigon is a musical intended for audiences 14+ due to adult content and language.

What age is Miss Saigon appropriate for?

Miss Saigon is recommended for audiences ages 12+. The show contains some scenes and language which may not be suitable for younger audience members, including scenes of a sexual nature.

What musicals are suitable for 12 year olds?

15 Broadway Musicals for Kids

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  • *Annie.
  • *Beauty & The Beast.
  • CATS!
  • Fiddler on the Roof.
  • Hairspray.
  • Hello, Dolly!
  • The King and I.

How old do you have to be on Broadway?

The general minimum for admission to Broadway shows appears to be 4 years of age. 4.

Is Miss Saigon a romance?

Miss Saigon – the most moving love story of our time and a global smash hit production, tells the tragic tale of a doomed romance involving an Asian woman abandoned by her American lover. Miss Saigon, Cameron Mackintosh’s global hit production, will be in Vienna for the first time.

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Is Miss Saigon appropriate for teenagers?

Miss Saigon is a musical intended for audiences 14+ due to adult content and language. It’s also a musical with an Asian storyline with a primarily Asian cast.

Does Miss Saigon have nudity?

Sex & Nudity (2)

No actually nudity that I saw. Lots of sexually suggestive behavior, the first number is in a brothel. Many of the costumes are skimpy, no worse then a day at the beach though. One scene with a body suit with sequins covering any naughty bits.

Is Miss Saigon suitable for a 10 year old?

Is the show appropriate for Children: From Starlight, “Parents should be advised that Miss Saigon is a musical with adult themes and is not appropriate for children.

What age is six the musical appropriate for?

The show is recommended for ages 10 & up. Children under 5 are not permitted in the theatre but Don’t Lose Ur Head, we love our Queens of all ages!

Is Book of Mormon appropriate for 13 year olds?

“Teenagers of approximately 15 years of age may enjoy the show with parental consent.” However, the show is definitely NOT child friendly. Many adults will find it offensive too. It is a great show but NOT for the very young or easily offended.

Is hadestown appropriate for 12 year olds?

Hadestown is recommended for ages 8+. Children under 4 are not permitted in the theater.

How do kids audition?

The best place to find auditions and casting calls for kids is through an online casting platform like Backstage, at least at first. Once a child actor has secured representation, their agent will have direct connections to casting directors and can submit them for bigger roles with major networks and studios.

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Is Hamilton kid appropriate?

The PG-13 rating is spot on.

The show feels geared towards older kids (tweens and up), not only for its mature content but also for the complicated ideas and historical frameworks present. It helps if your kid knows a thing or two about the American Revolution and Constitution.

Is Miss Saigon Based on a true story?

And second, Miss Saigon will be the perfect introduction to musical theatre because the story has to do with what the majority of that community had to go through. These stories are real, and these women who did desperate things to fight and survive are real.

Is Miss Saigon on Netflix?

The Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary Performance is heading to Netflix next month. Netflix have revealed that the 25th anniversary performance of Miss Saigon will be heading to the streaming service on 16th November 2021. The recording is from the gala performance which took place at the Prince Edward Theatre in 2014.

Does Chris love Kim?

In the end, Chris is forced to choose between the woman he loved for a few days and the woman he’s loved for years; to him, it’s not really a choice. That’s not to say he didn’t love Kim, but time and circumstances for him had changed.