What is the problem with deforestation in Indonesia?

Land use change, which includes deforestation and forest fires, accounts for most of Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Under Indonesia’s NDC, the government allows up to 325,000 hectares (803,000 acres) of deforestation per year to reach its emissions reduction goal while leaving room for economic development.

Why is deforestation a problem in Indonesia?

Large areas of forest in Indonesia have been cleared by large multinational pulp companies, such as Asia Pulp and Paper, and replaced by plantations. Forests are often burned by farmers and plantation owners. Another major source of deforestation is the logging industry, driven by demand from China and Japan.

Why is the Indonesian rainforest being destroyed?

Indonesia’s irreplaceable rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands are being destroyed to make products we use—and throw away—every day. Products like paper for our magazines, toilet paper, packaging, and palm oil for toothpaste and chocolate are fueling the destruction.

What are the main problems of deforestation?

The loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a host of problems for indigenous people.

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How does Indonesia deal with deforestation?

Instead of zero deforestation, Indonesia has opted to rehabilitate forests and peatland in a bid to absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that is released by deforestation, a strategy dubbed forestry and land use net carbon sink.

Why should we care about deforestation in Indonesia?

Deforestation increases conflict between tigers and humans, and makes tigers more vulnerable to poaching. Between 1998 and 2011, 638 human-tiger conflicts were recorded in Sumatra, in which tigers killed 72 people and wounded 63 more. These conflicts resulted in the deaths of 59 tigers.

Why does Indonesia burn forest?

Environmental groups argue that Indonesia’s forest fires are a man-made crisis driven largely by corporate greed and weak law enforcement. In Indonesia, stronger environmental safeguards are needed together with greater accountability when companies raze forests and drain peatlands, leaving them vulnerable to fires.

Why is the deforestation happening?

The most common pressures causing deforestation and severe forest degradation are agriculture, unsustainable forest management, mining, infrastructure projects and increased fire incidence and intensity.

What primate is negatively affected by deforestation in Indonesia?

Orangutan. Indonesia and Malaysia produce more than 85% of the world’s palm oil and are the only remaining home to orangutans. Fewer than 80,000 of these animals survive today, their habitats under constant threat of deforestation.

What causes deforestation?

Deforestation causes can either be direct or indirect. Among direct causes are: Natural causes as hurricanes, fires, parasites and floods. Human activities as agricultural expansion, cattle breeding, timber extraction, mining, oil extraction, dam construction and infrastructure development.

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What are the disadvantages of deforestation?

The disadvantages to deforestation are an increased amount of carbon dioxide emissions and soil erosion as well as the destruction of forest habitat and the loss of biological diversity of both plants and animals.

What are the 5 effects of deforestation?

Effects of Deforestation

  • Climate Imbalance and Climate Change. Deforestation also affects the climate in many ways. …
  • Increase in Global Warming. …
  • Increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions. …
  • Soil Erosion. …
  • Floods. …
  • Wildlife Extinction & Habitat Loss. …
  • Acidic Oceans. …
  • The Decline in Life Quality of People.

When did deforestation become a problem?

Although deforestation first became a serious concern in the 1950s, it has been an issue since humans began making fires hundreds of thousands of years ago. The extinction of plants and animals due to deforestation has occurred for thousands of years.

Is Indonesia still burning forest?

As of the end of November, fires had burned 353,222 hectares (872,831 acres) of land, an area twice the size of London. This is up nearly 16% from the 296,942 hectares (733,759 acres) burned during the whole of 2020, according to official data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Does Indonesia have a lot of forests?

Indonesia has 10% of the world’s tropical forests, 60% of Asia’s tropical forests, and a significant proportion of the world’s remaining virgin stands. These forests are home to vast numbers of animal and plant species and people.

What was the worst country for deforestation?

Nigeria. According to the FAO, Nigeria has the world’s highest deforestation rate of primary forests. It has lost more than half of its primary forest in the last five years. Causes cited are logging, subsistence agriculture, and the collection of fuel wood.

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