What are the top export crops of the Philippines?

What are the major export crop in the Philippines?

Major crop products exported include coconut, sugar, pineapple, banana, coffee and mango. On the other hand, rice and corn continue to be imported to meet the demand of the growing population. The Department of Agriculture (DA) is the government agency responsible for all agricultural activities in the country.

What are the top 5 export crops in the Philippines?

Of the total agricultural exports, the top Philippine agricultural exports include Coconut oil, Bananas, Pineapple and Pineapple products, Mango, Shrimps and Prawns, and Tuna. (Table 3) These agricultural exports comprised 71% of the total agricultural exports of the country.

What is the topmost product Philippines exports?

Searchable List of Philippines’ Most Valuable Export Products

Rank Philippines’ Export Product Change
1 Integrated circuits/microassemblies +6.5%
2 Computers, optical readers -28.8%
3 Computer parts, accessories +55.9%
4 Insulated wire/cable -17.3%
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What is the most exported crop?

Corn is the largest agricultural crop in the United States, which produces roughly 350 million tons of the plant per year.

Largest Food Exports By Country.

Rank Country Value of Food Exports (US Dollars, Thousands)
1 United States 72,682,349.79
2 Germany 34,628,800.73

What is the Philippines export?

The country’s primary exports include semiconductors and electronic products, transport equipment, garments, copper products, petroleum products, coconut oil, and fruits.

What is the most important crop in the Philippines?

The leading crops are rice, maize, sugarcane, coconut, banana, mango, pineapple, cassava, coffee, sweetpotato and eggplant. In terms of harvest area, the most extensively grown crops are rice, coconut, maize, sugarcane, banana, cassava, coffee, mango, sweetpotato and Manila hemp.

What is the top export product of the Philippines during 2019?

Top Philippines Imports from the World. Electronic equipment: $4.9 billion 2. The electronic industry remains the top selling product of the country accounting to 51% of our total exports.

What are the latest top 10 imports sources of the Philippines?

According to Philippines trade data, Philippines’ top 10 imports in 2020 were Electrical Machinery & Equipment (28.5%), Machinery (10.1%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (8.8%), Vehicles (5.6%), Iron & Steel (3.6%), Plastics (3.4%), Cereals (2.9%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (2.1%), Articles of Iron & Steel (1.9%) …

What do Philippines export to Japan?

These are fish, fruits and nuts, fuel wood, metal ores and scrap, crude vegetable materials, wood manufactures, office machines, travel goods, clothing, watches, and zoo animals and pets. The RCA and JI indices presented above indicate what the Philippines can potentially export to Japan.

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Which Philippine product is the most commonly imported product globally?

The most recent imports of Philippines are led by Integrated Circuits ($12.7B), Refined Petroleum ($8.18B), Cars ($3.34B), Crude Petroleum ($3.16B), and Broadcasting Equipment ($3.06B).

What is the current agricultural export status in the Philippines?

The country’s earnings from the exports of agricultural commodities in 2020 summed up to PhP 307.63 billion, recording a decline of -11.0 percent from 2019. Agricultural exports accounted for 9.5 percent of the total export revenues.

What goods does Philippines import and export?

Philippines major imports are: electronic products (25 percent), mineral fuels (21 percent) and transport equipment (10 percent). Philippines’s main import partners are: China (13 percent), the United States (11 percent), Japan (8 percent) and Taiwan (8 percent).

What are 5 agricultural exports?

Top 10 U.S. agricultural exports: soybeans ($25.683 billion), corn ($9.210 billion), tree nuts ($8.402 billion), pork & pork products ($7.715 billion), beef & beef products ($7.649 billion), prepared foods ($6.773 billion), dairy products ($6.453 billion), wheat ($6.298 billion), cotton ($5.976 billion) and soybean …

What country exports the most?

Top 10 Countries that Export the Most Goods and Services (Current US$ millions – World Bank 2020)

Rank Country Exports (Current US$)
1 China $2,723,250.43
2 United States $2,123,410.00
3 Germany $1,669,993.51
4 Japan $785,365.75

Which country is the largest agricultural exporter?

The United States is the top exporter of agricultural products with $118.3 billion in exports as of 2019.