Quick Answer: How many Aya banks are there in Myanmar?

Who Own AYA Bank?

U Zaw Zaw. U Zaw Zaw is a successful business magnate and Founder and Chairman of AYA Bank.

How do I log into Aya mobile banking?

Here are the basic steps to follow if you what to activate and login to AYA mobile banking account:

  1. Please go to the Google playstore and search for AYA mBanking app 2.0.
  2. Click to install the app on your smartphone.
  3. After the AYA mobile application has been installed on your phone, open it.

How do I transfer money from AYA to DBS?

AYA – DBS Bill Payment Service

  1. Amount to be sent in Singapore Dollar. Please check SGD/MMK daily exchange rate at www.ayabank.com or on AYA Bank Facebook.
  2. Login to DBS iBanking (www.dbs.com.sg or via mobile application) to make a Bill Payment and input the receiver’s AYA Bank account number.

How do I transfer money from AYA iBanking?

Click on System ID to view the transaction detail. This function allows the user to transfer fund to other AYA accounts. Step 1: Go to Payment Service. Step 2: Select Fund Transfer Page 14 13 • Step 3: From left Navigation Menu, select Third Party Transfer.

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Can I transfer money from Aya mobile banking?

You can transfer to other AYA USD accounts or own USD accounts followed by the exchange rate of transfer time. Convenience and secure by biometric login, Verified by your finger print or face ID provided by device by setting up at your phone setting and enable at the AYA Mobile Banking app.

Can DBS transfer to GCash?

DBS Remit to a GCash Wallet in the Philippines

Now you can transfer to a GCash Wallet user via DBS Remit. You only need to prepare these details for the transfer.

Can I deposit foreign currency at DBS?

Ability to transfer, remit or receive foreign currency funds directly from and into your My Account, allowing you to save on foreign exchange fees. Pay in multiple currencies for your overseas and online shopping with your linked DBS Private Bank Debit Card in up to 11 foreign currencies* with no foreign exchange fees.

How long does DBS bank transfer take?

For Non-Instant Funds Transfers, transfers carried out before 8pm on a working day (Monday to Friday), the funds debited from your DBS or /POSB account will be available to the receiving account two working days later. Otherwise, it will be available to the receiving account three working days later.

How do I check my Aya balance?

This could be your opening line in upselling AYA to MyCustomer!!!

Description USSD String
Check Balance and NUBAN *710*PIN#
Awuf4U *710*888*Amount#
Bill Payment *710*123*PIN#
To link BVN to AYA *710*99*BVN#

How do I check my Aya Visa card balance?

You can check your balance in MMK (MMK Wallet) at the nearest ATM where Visa is accepted. You can Block your card by calling to our customer service (01) 2317777 or visit to the nearest AYA Bank Branch when your card gets lost or stolen.

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Can I transfer money from Kbz to Aya?

MCB is serving for transferring money from one account to another at MCB, to other accounts at MFTB,CB,KBZ and AYA and vice versa. Moreover, the bank is also operating worldwide transaction services for Myanmar migrant workers currently.