Is online Sabong legal in Philippines?

On the other hand, regulation of online sabong or eSabong is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation pursuant to the PAGCOR Charter which fact was clarified by the Office of the Solicitor General and the Department of Justice.

Is online sabong is legit?

The gambling icons were able to legally operate online “sabong” or cockfighting companies after paying the Php75-million performance bond set by PAGCOR. Domingo clarified that online sabong is legal, as long as the companies have a license to operate.

Is WPC online sabong legal?

Notwithstanding serious concerns over its adverse effects on the moral fiber of the Filipino society, total legalization of online sabong and off-site betting on cockfights has been approved by the House of Representatives.

How can I join sabong online Philippines?

Just visit Click on the “sign-up” button. Use your mobile number to register. once you registered, you need to deposit to your account in order to participate in the games.

Is sabong international licensed by PAGCOR?

There are currently seven e-sabong operators licensed by Pagcor namely: Belvedere Vista Corporation, Lucky 8 Star Quest, Visayas Cockers Club, Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies, Newin Cockers Alliance Gaming Corporation, Philippine Cockfighting International, and Golden Buzzer.

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How do I apply for sabong agent online?

Now, to pass your Online Sabong International Agent Registration, all you have to do is go to their website, and at the bottom part of the homepage, there’s an option where you can become your own boss/agent and after that, you just need to fill out basic information such as name, contact number, and address for the …

How do you beat sabong online?

Here are some useful tips to win big in the world of online sabong:

  1. Choose the rooster with the track record of more wins. …
  2. Check the rooster’s form and gestures. …
  3. Pay attention to the roosters’ statistics from the announcers. …
  4. More than just betting online.

Who owns sabong Express?

What do gambling icons Atong Ang and Bong Pineda have in common? They own the only two companies in the country so far that can legally operate online “sabong” or cockfighting. Ang is the person behind Lucky 8 Starquest, while Pineda is the driving force of Belvedere Corp.

Is cockfighting legal in Philippines?

Cockfighting in the Philippines is both legal and illegal depending on where the game is held and to what level. The “Cockfighting Law of 1974” under the former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, regulates the game in the whole country and since then it has never been amended.

What is CSR in online sabong?

Kasi dahil ginawa ng betting ng mga online operators ng sabong, hindi na for the pleasure of viewing and promoting ‘yung sabong industry natin,” he added. Meanwhile on Facebook, there are “customer service representatives” (CSR), usually using photos of “beautiful women” to lure male clients, our source said.

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How can I watch sabong online for free?

Just go to, they are guaranteed to be 100% safe and legit, plus it is user friendly!

How can I create a Talpakan account?

How to Register to Online Talpakan/Sabong

  1. Open the Registration Page or click. …
  2. Fill-up the Registration Form.
  3. Click Register (You will be notified that your account is for approval)
  4. Wait for a few minutes to process the activation.
  5. Once activated, you can already buy load then start to WATCH PLAY & WIN!!