Frequent question: Can you still transit through Singapore Airport?

Is that allowed? Yes. However, customers are reminded to ensure that they meet all requirements of their flight itinerary, which may include both transit and entry requirements to their final destination.

Can you still transit through Changi Airport?

While in transit – Upon arrival at Changi Airport, travellers can rest, dine and shop within the departure transit area while waiting for your next flight. For a complete list of shopping and dining options, you may refer to our shopping and dining directory.

Can I transit in Singapore during Covid 19?

Singapore does not require COVID-19 tests, travel visas or entry approvals for transit travellers. However, travellers who transit in Changi must have their checked-in luggage tagged-through from the origin airport to their final destination.

Can I enter Singapore now?


Singapore Citizens (SC) and Permanent Residents (PRs) can enter Singapore from any overseas country/region without an Entry Approval.

Can foreigners transit in Singapore?

Foreigners transiting in Singapore will not require visas if they remain within the transit area of Changi Airport (Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4) and do not pass through Singapore Immigration.

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Do I need a VTP to transit Singapore?

The VTP comes with conditions of travel under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) that the applicant must comply with. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents do not need to apply for a VTP to travel to Singapore under the VTL, as they can return to Singapore without the need for entry approval.

Can Emirates transit through Singapore?

Passengers can now transit within 48 hours via Singapore between Emirates (EK) and Jetstar Asia (3K), Jetstar (JQ), Garuda (GA), Bangkok Airways (PG), Qantas (QF), Fiji Airways (FJ) flights as long as the journey is between the cities listed below.

Can I transit through Bangkok airport?

International passengers can transit Surnavbahumi Airport, Bangkok. If your travel to Thailand includes a transit in a non-approved country or territory, your transit in Bangkok must not exceed 12 hours. You must also not pass immigration control. Otherwise, you won’t be exempt from the quarantine scheme.

Can I travel to Singapore from Australia?

Under the VTL, fully vaccinated travellers from Australia (Singapore citizens, PRs, Long-Term Pass Holders and foreign nationals) can enter Singapore without having to serve Stay-Home Notice, for all purposes of travel and just need to undergo COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing.

How long is quarantine order in Singapore?

A: All Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders are required to complete their 7-day or 10-day Stay-Home Notice even if the result of their COVID-19 test is negative.

Does Singapore Airlines require Covid test?

I understand a Covid-19 pre-departure test is required within two days of the scheduled flight departure for travellers entering Singapore.

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Can I stopover in Singapore?

Singapore has long been a gateway to the charms of Southeast Asia, making it the perfect stopover for travellers visiting the region. Here’s a list of programmes and compact packages for visitors stopping over in Singapore, and looking forward to experiencing what the Lion City has to offer.

Can I transit through Singapore from Sri Lanka?

5 With effect from 26 October 2021, 2359 hours (Singapore time), all travellers with recent travel history to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan or Sri Lanka will be allowed to transfer/transit through Singapore on flights operated by air operators for which CAAS has given approval to operate such transfer/ …

Can I transit through Singapore to Philippines?

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore advises all Filipino air travellers that the Singapore Government policy for transit through its Changi Airport, as of 11 February 2021, is as follows: Travellers will be allowed to transit through Singapore Changi Airport based on their departure city.