You asked: Is work/life balance a realistic aim in Singapore?

Most Singaporeans would agree that the situation is not any different today. In fact, the current talk in Singapore is that work-life balance is at best an ideal to strive towards.

Is work/life balance realistic in Singapore?

Singaporeans Do Not Have Good Work-Life Balance

Based on a recent study conducted by Kisi, Singapore ranks 41st out of 50 cities when it comes to work-life balance.

Is work/life balance still relevant?

One of the big reasons why work life balance is important (even imperative) is for your own happiness and fulfillment. Balance is about feeling good about yourself and being in control of your life and career path (both keys to creating happiness for yourself and bringing real meaning to your life).

How is working life in Singapore?

Working Hours

Many companies in Singapore have moved from 6 days to 5 days per week schedule. This is especially true for MNCs and companies engaged in white collar work. Normal working hours are 40-45 hours per week. However depending on the workload you may end up spending more hours per week.

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Why is there no work/life balance in Singapore?

The 2019 Work-Life Balance Index revealed that Singapore was the second most overworked city among 40 others all over the world. … What these statistics tell us is that work-life balance is always constrained by the demands of work or at least the expectations — be they perceived or directed — by employers.

Is life in Singapore tough?

Compared with many other countries, it is easy, not to say that it is harder in Malaysia or Indonesia, but that life in Singapore allows for more opportunities. Singapore has high upward mobility. Education and health are both subsidized for citizens, and although it is not perfect, it is adequate.

What are the cons of work-life balance?

Con-Argument: Life Work Balance? Totally outdated!

  • We are never in balance. …
  • If we would reach the perfect life work balance, we would be unhappy. …
  • The constant search for the perfect life-work-balance is a very frustrating endeavor. …
  • The idea of maintaining a life work balance is “simply not a functional concept”

What are the disadvantages of work-life balance?

Damaging effects include a higher risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, and mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Some studies have shown that individuals who work 55 hours or more per week have a 1.3 times higher risk of stroke than those working standard hours.

What country has the best work-life balance?

Countries with the Best Work-Life Balance

  1. Netherlands. The country ranked as the best for work-life balance, only 0.5 percent of employees work long hours, compared with the overall average of 13 percent, as reported by the OCED. …
  2. Denmark. …
  3. France. …
  4. Spain. …
  5. Belgium. …
  6. Norway. …
  7. Sweden. …
  8. Germany.
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Why is work/life balance so hard?

Some of the common reasons that lead to a poor work-life balance include: Increased responsibilities at work. Working longer hours. Increased responsibilities at home.

What is the most overworked country?

1. Mexico. The average annual hours worked in Mexico is 2,148 hours, making it the most overworked country.

Are Singaporeans overworked?

A 2021 work-life balance survey revealed that Singapore had one of the most overworked populations across different cities in the world, clinching the #2 spot behind Hong Kong –– with 25.1% of full-time employees clocking in more than 48 hours in each workweek.

Is Singapore the most overworked country?

Employees’ number of actual work hours is 23% higher than the mandated 48 hours per week. Singapore just trails Tokyo, Japan as the most overworked city in the world with on average 44.6 work hours per week, a report by IoT company Kisi revealed.

Is 44 hours a week too much?

“The more time we spend at work the less time we have for other important things in life.” Research suggests that working excessively long hours — usually this means more than 45 a week — is detrimental to your health, physical and mental, in many ways.

Do people work hard in Singapore?

Singapore has one of the longest working hours in the world, clocking in 88 hours every two work weeks. At the same time, its people are unhappy, citing a lack of work-life balance and stress.