Where can I buy natural wine in Singapore?

Is organic wine the same as natural wine?

To be certified organic, wines must use grapes grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. However, the regulations around organic grape processing allow for additives and industrial processes. Natural wines, however, use little or no intervention, and are harvested by hand and processed in a low-tech way.

What is natural wine called?

In its purest form, natural wine is simply unadulterated fermented grape juice with no additives in the winemaking process. Other terms for the product include low-intervention wine, raw wine, and naked wine.

Is natural wine really better?

Since natural winemaking does not permit the addition of sugar to boost alcohol levels and body, the final product is lower in both elements (via Usual). These factors, as well as the lack of chemical additives, might explain why people feel better after a night consuming natural versus conventional wine.

How do you know if a wine is natural?

Natural wines often include blends of different grapes and are made without added yeasts, sugars, or flavors, so the final product can taste different than more conventional wines made with the same grapes. (A small amount of sulfites may be added at bottling, which helps the wines travel without spoiling.)

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How popular is natural wine?

1 billion sounds better, and you can probably already guess why organic wine market is booming. This is more than double the number of bottles drunk in 2013, and up 34% from the 729 million bottles drunk in 2018.

Why are natural wines expensive?

Grapes for natural wine are typically grown by small-scale, independent producers using lesser-known grape varietals. Although organic and biodynamic certifications exist, they are pretty expensive, so while a majority of small vineyards adhere to these practices, they can’t pay for the certifications.

Does natural wine have alcohol?

By now, you might be wondering if natural wine contains less alcohol than its conventional counterparts. The answer is yes, natural wines tend to have less alcohol content. Many conventional wineries add sugar during the fermentation process, speeding up production and increasing the alcohol level.

Do you get a hangover from natural wine?

Natural wine is generally lower in alcohol content than conventional wine, which may help to explain why people feel they can drink more without paying for it the next day. … But even natural wine bigwigs get hangovers from time to time.

Is Orange Wine natural wine?

Orange wines are generally considered to be “natural wines,” usually grown organically or Biodynamically, produced with minimal intervention. Most orange winemakers use only native yeast (no inoculation) and little or no additives such as sulfites.

Does natural wine need to be refrigerated?

Keep natural wines in a cool cellar or fridge, below 80 ºF (26.7 ºC). 2. KEEP AWAY FROM LIGHT. Place natural wines away from all light sources.

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