What kind of companies are in Indonesia?

What is the most popular business in Indonesia?

Rice Production. Agriculture plays an important role in the Indonesian economy. Therefore the farming business is a lucrative business for you in this country. Among the farming businesses, rice farming is at the top of the list.

What is the biggest company in Indonesia?

Largest Indonesian companies by market capitalization

# Name C.
1 Bank Central Asia 1BBCA.JK
2 Bank Rakyat Indonesia 2BYRA.F
3 Telkom Indonesia 3TLK
4 Bank Mandiri 4PPERF

How many companies are there in Indonesia?

The average value for Indonesia during that period was 287 companies with a minimum of 6 companies in 1980 and a maximum of 713 companies in 2020. The latest value from 2020 is 713 companies. For comparison, the world average in 2020 based on 68 countries is 563 companies.

What are the biggest opportunities in Indonesia?

4 Business Opportunities Emerging in Indonesia

  • e-Commerce business. That’s why e-Commerce has become one of the promising business opportunities in Indonesia. …
  • Traveling industry. Besides, the Indonesian government has issued the visa-free regulation for foreign tourists from 169 countries. …
  • Manufacturing. …
  • Infrastructure.
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What products are in demand in Indonesia?

The top 4 eCommerce categories in Indonesia

  • Fashion – US$ 13.22 billion.
  • Consumer Electronics – US$ 8.17 billion.
  • Toys, Hobby & DIY – US$ 6.78 billion.
  • Furniture and Appliances – US$ 6.26.
  • Personal care – US$ 4.15 billion.

Is Indonesia a good place to do business?

According to The World Bank Group’s Ease of Doing Business ranking, Indonesia ranks 73 in the world to do business, ahead of the Philippines (rank 124), below China (46) and Malaysia (15). The country is on an upwards trend for ease of doing business, ranking 128 in 2013 and 91 in 2017.

What is the main industry in Indonesia?

Indonesia: Economy

Economic Trivia The industry sector is the economy’s largest and accounts for 46.4% of GDP (2012), this is followed by services (38.6%) and agriculture (14.4%).
Top Industries Petroleum and Natural Gas; Textiles; Automotive; Electrical Appliances

How do I set up a company in Indonesia?

The following documents must be submitted to BKPM to start a foreign company PT PMA in Indonesia:

  1. Principle license and business license.
  2. Domicile letter.
  3. Deed of establishment.
  4. Approval of Business Registration Number (NIB)
  5. Tax identification number (NPWP)
  6. Taxable entrepreneur confirmation (PKP)

Why do Indonesian companies start with PT?

Also known as a foreign investment limited liability company, a PT is a business entity that allows foreign investors to conduct commercial activities in Indonesia. Any Indonesian company that directly receives foreign investments must take the form of a PT.

Who is the richest man in Indonesia?

Budi and Michael Hartono retain their top spot with a net worth of $42.6 billion.

The top 10 richest in Indonesia are:

  • Susilo Wonowidjojo; $4.8 billion.
  • Boenjamin Setiawan; $4.2 billion.
  • Jogi Hendra Atmadja; $4.1 billion.
  • Bachtiar Karim; $3.5 billion.
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Can foreigner open company in Indonesia?

Local Company (PT) in Indonesia

Under Indonesian law, a foreigner cannot wholly own a PT, which can only be owned by Indonesian citizens. However, a foreigner can partner with a PT owner through a Nominee Company Agreement.

What is the largest IT company in the world?

Forbes Global 2000

Rank Organization Sales (B$)
1 Microsoft 118.2
2 IBM 77.87
3 Oracle 39.6
4 SAP 29.1

Is it worth to invest in Indonesia?

Indonesia is your investment destination. Abundant natural resources, a young and technically trained work force and a large and growing domestic market, combined with an improving investment climate and a higher global profile, are just a few of Indonesia’s salient strengths.

Is Indonesia good for shopping?

The vast and dynamic country of Indonesia tends to offer two sides of everything: traditional and modern, cheap and expensive, native and innovative. If you’re up for traditional and affordable shopping, walking around its best local markets can be an experience you’ll cherish.

What are the opportunities in Indonesia?

Top 4 Business Opportunities in Indonesia for Foreigners in 2021

  • Travel Agency. With over 17,000 islands in Indonesia, the country offers diverse landscapes and purposes to augment global visitors’ traveling experience. …
  • Manufacturing. …
  • Construction. …
  • E-Commerce.