What is the history of Halong Bay?

Located in Halong and Cat Ba island, its inhabitants developed to the level of sea exploitation. They were the ancient fishermen and the fishing village which existed during this time was one of the largest ancient fishing villages ever discovered in Vietnam.

How was Halong Bay discovered?

It was at that time that French geologists and archeologists started to realize the gorgeous beauty and historical value of Ha Long Bay. There are many famous islets which were named by the French, such as Sung Sot Cave- “la grotte des Surprise”. The French discovered this place in 1901, and gave it that name in 1938.

Why is Halong Bay so important?

What Halong Bay Is Famous For? Halong Bay as known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous because its stunning limestone mountains raising up from emerald waters that formed from thousand years ago. You also can have a chance to explore amazing caves as well as the culture of Ha Long.

How did Halong Bay get its name?

Halong Bay is a famous destination in Vietnam and all over the world. Halong together means descending dragon in which Ha means descend or land; Long mean dragon.

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How old is Halong Bay?

The formation of Halong Bay dates to over 500 million years ago. Over time the bay has gone through countless changes resulting in the magnificent natural wonder we have today. The beautiful ancient marine limestone rocks used to stand at over 1,000 meters tall.

When was Halong Bay built?

The successive ancient cultures are the Soi Nhu culture around 18,000–7000 BC, the Cai Beo culture 7000–5000 BC and the Hạ Long culture 5,000–3,500 years ago.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site
Coordinates 20°54′N 107°12′ECoordinates: 20°54′N 107°12′E
Location of Hạ Long Bay in Vietnam

What animals live in Halong Bay?

Some of the wildlife found on the islands include: monkeys, birds, lizards, and even antelopes. There are 450 different mollusks and 200 different species of fish in Halong Bay. Some of the islands have permanent residents and tourism businesses. Most of the islands in Halong Bay are limestone.

What continent is Halong Bay?

Ha Long Bay is a beautiful natural wonder in northern Vietnam, near the Chinese border. The Bay is dotted with 1,600 limestone islands and islets and covers an area of over 1,500 sq km. This extraordinary area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

Is Halong Bay Safe?

Halong is a safe city to travel to. It is primarily a transit point, so tourists are not targeted by pickpockets nor are there instances of violent crimes towards them. There is some street crime, but much less than in Hanoi.

Where is Halong Bay in Vietnam?

Ha Long Bay, located in the Gulf of Tonkin, within Quang Ninh Province, in the northeast of Vietnam, is165 km from the capital of Ha Noi.

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Is Halong Bay a wonder of the world?

Ha Long Bay has officially become one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. A provisional announcement of the bay’s new status was made three months ago after global voting ended, by New Open World Corporation, an associate of the New 7 Wonders Foundation.

What does Halong mean in Vietnamese?

In Vietnamese, Ha Long means “descending dragon.” Dragons play a prominent role in Vietnamese culture, and the most popular legend has it that one such creature and her children descended from heaven to defend the Viet people from invaders, spraying fire and emeralds or jade.

What city is near Halong Bay?

A diverse population of marine and land mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds are found in the waters and tropical forests. Ha Long Bay, near the city of Hong Gai, Viet. Ha Long Bay Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. There are two similar legends about the origin of the bay, which are reflected in its name.

How deep is the water in Halong Bay?

Halong Bay has an area of 1553 km² and coastline spanning 120 km. The bay is relatively shallow with its deepest depth measuring at 33 feet (10 metres).

What color is Halong Bay?

Halong Bay sea forever remain a bright green color, flows quietly, absorbed with time. Halong beautiful four seasons. In the spring, the lush vegetation shoots mike on limestone mountains.

What hemisphere is Halong Bay in?

There is universal agreement that the best time to visit Ha Long Bay is during the northern hemisphere autumn (September and October) or spring (March and April), but especially from March to May.

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