What does Pai mean in Thai?

What does the word pai mean?

In other languages. pai. British English: dad /dæd/ NOUN. Your dad is your father. You can call your dad `Dad’.

What is pai Nai in Thai?

‘. A direct translation of ‘pai nai’ is ‘where are you going? ‘ (pai=go nai=where) to which the typical response would be ‘pai thiao’ which is similar to saying ‘out and about’ or ‘going for a stroll’.

What is pai like in Thailand?

Today, Pai primarily thrives on tourism. Mostly a hippie destination, it is filled with hot springs and amazing views. Well-known among backpackers for its relaxed atmosphere, the town is full of cheap guesthouses, souvenir shops, and restaurants. In the environs of the town are spas and elephant camps.

What language is pai from?

Pei language or Pai, a Sepik language spoken in Papua-New Guinea.

Does Pai mean father?

From Portuguese pai (“father”), from Old Portuguese padre (“father”), from Latin patrem (“father”), from Proto-Indo-European *ph₂tḗr (“father”).

How can I increase my Pai?

6 Quick tips to help you earn PAI

  1. No time, no problem — interval training. Shorter bursts of high intensity exercise have been proven to increase your heart rate more than steady, low intensity workouts. …
  2. Shorter breaks in between sets. …
  3. The thrill of uphill. …
  4. Bike to work. …
  5. Take the stairs. …
  6. The only constant is change.
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What is Mai Dai in Thai?

Dai – You/I Can. Mai Dai – Can not. Mai Pen Rai – Nevermind. Pood Thai Mai Dai – I can not speak Thai.

What does bai nai mean in Thai?

You might get asked: “Bai nai?” – “What are you doing?” which is often used instead of “How are you?”. A good response is: “Bai tee-o” which means “I’m going out socially”. When you meet someone, it is also common to use traditional greeting, the wai.

What does TAM Arai mean in Thai?

tam arai ? – what are you doing?

Is Pai a good place to live?

Pai’s rural setting offers other advantages, as well. It’s far enough away from any large city to provide peace and quiet and all the amenities that come with living in a small mountain town, but it’s only a four-hour drive to Chiang Mai.

Is Pai worth visiting Thailand?

The Pai Canyon (Kong Lan as it’s known in Thai) is also worth a visit and, as an added bonus, entry is free. A walk through the canyon is not for the faint-hearted though, with steep 30-metre drops on either side of narrow paths, but the panoramic peak-filled views are completely worth it.

How long should you stay in Pai?

It’s minimum 3 hours each way and that’s in a speeding minivan flying around hundreds of tight corners and up/down like a roller coaster. Pai is not really about the destination, it is about settling in a for a few days or more to relax, or slowly explore the valley on a bike.

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What does Chinese Pai mean in English?

排 pái. a row a line to set in order to arrange to line up to eliminate to drain to push open platoon raft classifier for lines, rows etc. Example Usage Strokes. 派

What caste is PAI?

Pai is a surname from coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Goa in India. It is found among Hindus of the Goud Saraswat Brahmin community, especially of Madhwa Section following either Kashi Math or Gokarna Matha.