How much money does Malaysia get from palm oil?

In 2020, the gross domestic product from palm oil was estimated to be 36.87 billion Malaysian ringgit. Malaysia is one of the world’s leading producers of palm oil, and the palm oil industry is a significant contributor to the Malaysian agricultural sector.

How much money does palm oil make in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s role in the global palm oil trade

Malaysia is the second leading producer of palm oil worldwide, supplying around a third of the world’s palm oil. Palm oil is one of Malaysia’s primary industries and contributes 2.7 percent to its overall gross domestic product (GDP).

How much does Malaysia export palm oil?

Export value of palm oil and palm-based products Malaysia 2013-2020. In 2020, the export value of palm oil and palm-based products in Malaysia was valued at approximately 73.33 billion Malaysian ringgit. Palm oil is one of Malaysia’s main agricultural exports, and is one of the leading producers of palm oil worldwide.

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Is Malaysia rich in palm oil?

Malaysia is currently the world’s largest exporter of palm oil although it is the second-largest producer of the oil after neighboring Indonesia.

How is palm oil important to the economy of Malaysia?

Palm oil is extremely important to Malaysia’s economy. Each year, Malaysia produces almost 20 million tons of palm oil, valued at approximately 72 billion Malaysian ringgit (HK$133 billion). Traded in 160 different countries, palm oil growth and production provide jobs to more than half a million people in Malaysia.

Who brought palm oil to Malaysia?

It was introduced to Southeast Asia when planted at the Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia, in 1848. In the 1870s, Malaya received its first batch of oil palm from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England; this was planted at the Singapore Botanic Garden.

Which state is the largest producer of palm oil in Malaysia?


Palm oil plantation area in Malaysia by state (2016)
State Plantation area (hectares) Percentage of state area
Selangor 138,831 17.1%
Kedah 87,786 33.7%
Melaka 56,149 13.5%

Which country imports the most palm oil from Malaysia?

Between November and March 2021, India bought 1.68 million tonnes of crude palm oil from Malaysia. Last year, China was the largest importer of Malaysian palm oil at 2.731 million tonnes, followed by India (2.727 million tonnes), Netherlands (1.073 million tonnes) and Pakistan (1.004 million tonnes).

Where does Malaysia export oil to?

The main destination of Crude Petroleum exports from Malaysia are: Australia ($1.94B), India ($1.63B), Thailand ($1.5B), Singapore ($1.05B), and China ($461M).

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What country exports the most palm oil?

JAKARTA – Indonesia exported a total of 37.3 million tons of palm oil in 2020, making it the largest exporter of palm oil in the world.

How much land is palm oil in Malaysia?

In 2020, 5.87 million hectares of land was used to plant oil palm in Malaysia. Malaysia is the world’s second-largest producer of palm oil after Indonesia.

Does Malaysia have a lot of oil?

Malaysia holds 3,600,000,000 barrels of proven oil reserves as of 2016, ranking 28th in the world and accounting for about 0.2% of the world’s total oil reserves of 1,650,585,140,000 barrels. Malaysia has proven reserves equivalent to 13.9 times its annual consumption.

Does Malaysia have palm trees?

Around 90% of the world’s oil palm trees are grown on a few islands in Malaysia and Indonesia – islands with the most biodiverse tropical forests found on Earth. In these places, there is a direct relationship between the growth of oil palm estates and deforestation.

How does palm oil affect Malaysia?

Whilst the palm oil industry has brought jobs to nearly 4.5 million people in Indonesia and Malaysia, it has also caused mass deforestation. The Sabah government hopes that these revolutionary efforts will help protect forests, end labour abuses and improve agriculture practices.

How many barrels of oil does the Malaysian produce?

Malaysia is one of the key oil and gas producers in the Asia-Pacific region with an average daily production of over 1.7 million barrels of oil equivalent in 2018.

How much does palm oil contribute to GDP?

The research finds that $39 billion of GDP benefits are attributable to palm oil imports, representing 2.9 million jobs around the world. In India alone, the world’s biggest importer, over 1 million jobs are sustained; in China, the economy benefits to the tune of $7 billion of GDP on an annualized basis.

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