How many people drive in Thailand?

How many people own a car in Thailand?

Thailand’s car ownership rate is relatively high compared to that of its neighboring countries. According to the survey conducted by Rakuten Insight, about 60.17 percent of the Thai respondents stated to own a car.

Do people in Thailand drive?

In Thailand, vehicles drive to the left hand side of the road and speed limits are expressed in kilometres per hour. Road signs are also expressed in both English and Thai. When driving in Thailand it’s important to remember that road ‘rules’ and etiquette are different than what you may be used to at home.

How many cars are on the road in Thailand?

Thailand Number of Registered Vehicles was reported at 18,971,618 Unit in Apr 2021. This records an increase from the previous number of 18,915,366 Unit for Mar 2021. Thailand Number of Registered Vehicles data is updated monthly, averaging 16,844,151 Unit from Jan 2015 to Apr 2021, with 73 observations.

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Is it hard to drive in Thailand?

Though being behind the wheel in any foreign place takes a little getting used to, once you get out of the capital of Bangkok and beyond other big cities—where traffic, tailgaters, and navigating your way around can be challenging—you’ll find tropical Thailand in Southeast Asia is actually a pleasant place to drive, as …

Why are there so many cars in Thailand?

This makes Thailand the world’s second biggest market for such vehicles, after the United States. Their popularity has been explained as a result of government tax policies as well as a need for multi-purpose vehicles.

How many cars are sold in Thailand each year?

2019 full year vehicle sales in Thailand declined 3.3% year over year to 1,007,552 units. By brand sales in 2019, Toyota was up 5.5% to 331,878 units. Isuzu was down 5.4% to 168,215 units and Honda was down 1.9% to 125,833 units.

What is the legal age to drive in Thailand?

Driving licence in Thailand is a document that allows the holder to drive on any roads in Thailand and in other ASEAN states without an International Driving Permit. The minimum age to drive a motor vehicle is 18, and to drive a motorcycle is 15. Driving licence is issued and administered by the Department of Land …

Is driving in Thailand safe?

Thailand’s provincial roads are the most dangerous with a death rate of 72 deaths per thousand in Rayong province while Bangkok’s roads, at most times a traffic log jam, are the safest. It appears to many observers that the dangers faced on Thailand’s roads are very much a Thai cultural aberration.

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How many countries drive on the left?

A total of 78 countries and territories drive on the left. About one-quarter of all of the world’s roads and about 35% of the world’s population drive on the road’s left side.

How many motorbikes are there in Bangkok?

Bangkok has 9.7 million automobiles and motorbikes, a number the government says is eight times more than can be properly accommodated on existing roads. And those numbers are increasing by 700 additional cars and 400 motorbikes every day.

How many taxis are there in Bangkok?

Metered taxis were introduced in Bangkok in 1992 — before that, passengers and drivers had to agree on a fixed price before hopping in. Currently there are more than 100,000 taxis registered in Bangkok (about 80,000 are owned by taxi garages and co-operatives, and the rest by individuals).

How many cars are there in Bangkok?

Today, it is estimated that there are more than 5 million cars on Bangkok’s streets. This city, which, according to UN estimates, is home to about 10 million people, has one of the highest vehicle densities in Asia.

Are roads in Thailand good?

Unlike poorer countries, its roads are well-paved and made for speed, and the cars driven by the rich and its growing middle-class tend to be new and fast.

Is Thailand a RHD?

Since the United Kingdom drives on the left side of the road, the car given was made for left-hand driving. Car trading happened and as a direct result, Thailand built its roads to drive on the left. Thailand is one of the 78 out of 195 countries in the world drive left.

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Does Thailand drive on left?

Thai drive on the left-hand side of the road, like the UK. So, the steering wheel’s on the right too, which is good news if you’re planning on hiring a car. People in Thailand tend to speed and zip about. They give you leeway on most roads if you stick to the left and give them room to nip past.