How does Philippine Science High School started?

In 1963, the Republic Act (R.A.) 3661 established the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) to offer a scholarship on secondary education with emphasis on science to prepare students for a science career.

Who founded Philippine Science High School?

Establishment and early years

National scientist Dr. Gregorio Velasquez led the PSHS through its first three years. The campus started in a small rented GSIS-owned property along the Quezon Memorial Circle. In 1970 PSHS started building on a 75,000 square metre lot along Agham Road in Diliman, Quezon City.

When was Philippine Science High School founded?

Manila Science High School (Filipino: Mataas na Paaralang Pang-Agham ng Maynila) is the first science high school in the Philippines. It is located on Taft Avenue at the corner of Padre Faura Street in Ermita, Manila, and was established on October 1, 1963.

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What is the goal of Philippine Science High School?

The aim of the PSHS Curriculum is to nurture scholars to become holistic individuals who are humanistic in spirit, global in perspective, patriotic in orientation, and well-prepared to pursue a STEM career which will contribute to nation-building.

What is the role of Philippine Science High School System in the development of science and technology in the country?

The PSHS System prepares its students for careers in Science and Technology and contributes to nation building by helping the country attain a critical mass of professionals and leaders in Science and Technology.

What kind of school is Philippine Science High School?

The Philippine Science High School System is a research-oriented and specialized public high school system in the Philippines that operates as an attached agency of the Philippine Department of Science and Technology. The Philippine Science High School, PSHS, or Pisay may refer to any of the system’s 15 campuses.

Who established campuses of Philippine Science High School in the Visayas and Mindanao?

1090 signed by Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos on 5 February 1986. Together with the Philippine Science High School-Mindanao Campus (PSHS-MC), they were established to cater to the needs of the students gifted in science, math and technology in the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the country.

What law supports the establishment of Philippine Science High School in the Philippines?

The first Philippine Science High School was established in Diliman, Quezon City under Republic Act No. 3661, known as the PSHS Charter.

What are the three famous science schools in the Philippines?


  • Talk:Alabel National Science High School.
  • Alabel National Science High School.
  • Angeles City Science High School.
  • ARMM Regional Science High School.
  • Aurora National Science High School.
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Who is the father of Manila Science High School?

Patterned after the Bronx Science High School in New York, USA, MSHS was founded in 1963 with the graduation of the first Special Science Class spearheaded by Principal Augusto Alzona, regarded as the “Father of Manila Science High School.” Through the years, the school has produced graduates that have gone on to …

Who established one science high school in every province?

Senator Win Gatchalian has filed a bill that seeks to build at least one math and science school in each province nationwide to eliminate economic and geographical barriers that restrict access to math and science education. In filing Senate Bill No.

Are science high schools under deped?

It remains within the ambit of the Department of Education, unlike the specialized science high school system of national scope, the Philippine Science High School (an attached agency of the Department of Science and Technology).

What are the core values of Pisay?

We are the leading science high school in the Asia Pacific Region preparing our scholars to become globally competitive Filipino scientists equipped with 21st century skills and imbued with the core values of truth, excellence, and service to nation.

What is the quality of science education in the Philippines?

Science education in our country cannot be considered as a strength. Based on 2014 statistics, the passing rate for the national achievement test (NAT) for grade six pupils is only 69.21%. The passing rate for high school seems far worse, with a passing rate of only 46.38% from 2010 statistics.

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What are the science related issues in the Philippines?

The Philippines faces multiple global and local challenges which require science, technology and innovation.

These include:

  • the intensifying competition from globalization and regional integration;
  • natural disasters, environmental degradation and climate change;
  • and persistent poverty and increasing inequality.