Best answer: How do I get from Yangon airport to downtown?

How do I get from Yangon airport to city Centre?

The quickest way to get from Yangon Airport (RGN) to Downtown Yangon is to taxi which costs $14 – $17 and takes 16 min. Is there a direct bus between Yangon Airport (RGN) and Downtown Yangon? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Yangon Airport Terminal 1 and arriving at Sule Square.

How do you get around Yangon?

Taxis are the most popular – and generally easiest – way for foreigners to get around Yangon. No matter what time of day, they are easy to track down and generally cheap, although you should beware the traffic, which can get very heavy (particularly around evening rush hour).

How many terminals does Yangon airport have?

Yangon Airport (code: RGN) currently uses two terminals: Terminals 1 serves international flights and a newly-built Terminal 3 handles domestic traffic.

How many airports are there in Yangon?

Burma, officially the Union of Burma (now The Republic of the Union of Myanmar), has 25 operating airports with commercial flights.


Region/State International airports Yangon Region
Airport name Yangon International Airport
Coordinates 16°54′26″N 096°07′59″E
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How much are taxis in Yangon?

Taxis and rental cars

Short taxi journeys in central Yangon will typically cost from K1,500-K2,000; journeys over 3 or 4 kilometres will cost correspondingly more. In other regional cities, there is less competition between taxis so foreigners often end up paying more.

Is there grab in Yangon?

As the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, Grab brought its GrabTaxi service to Yangon in March 2017 to support the government’s vision of making the Yangon transport system more efficient. … Our foray into delivery services in Myanmar commenced with the launch of GrabFood in Yangon in November 2019.

How many days do you need in Yangon?

Yangon (Rangoon): Yangon is a big city with a lot to see, including pagodas, markets and museums. Merely to cover the main sites requires a minimum of two days.

Is Yangon airport open for international flights?

All international flights are suspended

Flights to Myanmar are suspended until 31 October 2020.

Is Myanmar rich or poor?

Myanmar, a small Southeast Asian country formerly known as Burma, is one of the three poorest countries in Asia.

Can I travel to Myanmar right now?

Myanmar is not open to tourists. Myanmar’s entry restrictions mean that foreign travelers cannot enter at this time. Tourism is not permitted. Foreigners with compelling reasons to travel must get entry permission from the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Which is better Mandalay or Yangon?

Mandalay is a little bit more laid back than Yangon. The vegetation is denser, the traffic is better and there are tons of places to explore. If you are looking for a more relaxed city, you should definitely choose Mandalay.

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What is the name of Bhutan airport?

Paro International Airport (PBH) Paro. The only airport of Bhutan, Paro Airport ( PBH ) is situated in the Paro Valley at an elevation of 2,235 metre. Set on the bank of Paro River, amidst lofty peaks, Paro Airport is considered among the world’s most challenging airports and offers limited flight services.