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Sunday October 28th 2012

What to Pack When Visiting Walt Disney World Florida with Kids

Are you wondering what to pack for your family holiday to Walt Disney World® Resort with the kids?

Before you start packing it is important to think about what sort of activities you will be doing the most on your Orlando holidays. If you are going on twin centre holidays, where you arrive in one destination and then travel to another location before flying home, you will want to be prepared for the wide variety of attractions and activities you might enjoy.

For example, you will want to bring clothes and shoes that are suitable for walking around in a city as well as short and flip flops for the beach.

Ocean Florida

If you plan to do a lot of swimming it can be a good idea to pack two or more swimsuits for each person, so that you will not have to put on yesterday’s swimsuit which is still damp. Luckily swimsuits are small so that they can easily fit in your luggage.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you will have laundry facilities during your holidays to Florida. If you are staying in a holiday villa you likely will, but if you are in a hotel room you might not have the option. This will impact how many changes of clothes that you will want to bring, as toddlers will get their clothes sticky and dirty very quickly.

Packing For Your Kids

Packing for your children will depend on how old they are. If they are still not potty trained you will need to bring along the nappies, cream, wipes and all other supplies. You don’t necessarily need to bring all the nappies that you will need for your entire two week Orlando holidays in 2012, because this will be a lot to carry and you can buy them in Florida. All you need to do is bring enough to get you there and last for the first day or two, and then buy a package from the local supermarket near your hotel.

Another thing to bring is something familiar and comforting to remind them of home, such as a teddy or a favourite story book. This can make it easier to fall asleep in a strange hotel room.

Super Handy Items

These are a few items which you might want to throw into your luggage if you have the room. They can come in very handy while you and your children are exploring Walt Disney World® Resort on your twin centre holidays 2012.

• A small backpack which you can fill with water bottles and snacks and take with you around the park so that you always have refreshments with you.

• Baby wipes for cleaning up your toddler’s messy face and hands when they have just had ice cream and are nowhere near a sink.

• Sunscreen, a hat and bottled water are very important so that you do not get sunburnt in the Florida heat.

• A small first aid kit with plasters, pain medication and other essentials for dealing with minor scrapes.

• A battery-operated personal fan. Florida is very warm, especially in the summertime, and these little devices can really keep you cool when you are standing in a queue or watching a show during your holidays to Florida.

• An underwater camera. If you can get a camera that is waterproof you can bring it with you to the water park and take some great photos of your kids splashing in the waves and riding the slides!

• It is very difficult to find chewing gum for sale in the Walt Disney World® Resort, so if you like to chew it then you should bring it with you.

Good luck packing for your Disneyworld twin centre holidays in 2012 with the kids and have a fantastic time!

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