Terracotta Warriors Tours From Beijing

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Visit Terracotta Warriors Tours From Beijing

Many years ago, I got to see China’s Terracotta warriors in Singapore. I have too admit that at that time I did not fully understand the significance of that exhibition.

Now, I realize what an amazing opportunity it was. Imagine looking at 2,000 year old artifacts, well preserved and so well detailed.

Today, everyone has either seen pictures of the terracotta warriors or have some knowledge of it. At the time when I first laid eyes on them, it was only 5 years since its discovery and 5 years is a blink of an eye in archaeology.

China is a popular destination and with Air Asia’s low fares, you can go on a Terracotta Warriors tours from Beijing.

Beijing To Terracotta Warriors One Day Tour

Someone I knew told me to take a look at this tour that offers Terracotta warriors tour from Beijing to Xi’an. From Beijing to Xi’an is a 2 hour flight, so you will be flying in the morning and back again in the evening. The round-trip airfares plus lunch and local tour is included in the price.

Beijing To Terracotta Warriors Tour Itinerary

  • Hotel pick-up in the morning at between 5:30am and 6:00am by tour guide and driver
  • Drive to the airport to take flight from Beijing to Xi’an
  • On arrival at Xi’an airport, you will be met by local guide and driver
  • Proceed straight to visit the world renowned Terracotta Warriors and Horses
  • Followed by lunch in a nearby traditional restaurant
  • Drive to Xian City to visit the Ancient City Wall and tour the Big Wild Goose Pagoda
  • Back to the airport to catch your flight back to Beijing
  • Pickup from Beijing airport and drive back to your hotel

What You Can Expect To See

Visit Terracotta Warriors tours from Beijing to Xi'an

Photo credit – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Officer_Terrakottaarmén.jpg

Beijing To Terracotta Warriors Tour Prices

The latest information I have is that the price starts from US$629 or RMB3,900 per person, just a little over RM2,000. This is a private tour, so it just be the people you book for. While the tour includes travel and lunch to all stops, it is customary (although optional) to tip the tour guide and driver.

For more information, visit Terracotta Warriors tours from Beijing.

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