Plan A Road Trip From Brisbane to Sydney in Australia

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Travel Australia: Road Trip In Australia

Malaysia and Australia are both part of the Commonwealth of Nations, an association of countries that were formerly part of the British Empire. Being relative young nations, both our countries have tend to have good relations. Just look at the number of Malaysians who are studying and living in Australia.

Like many Malaysians, I have relatives living in Australia and they thoroughly enjoy living in their country of choice. They do come back to Malaysia occasionally, but I suspect there is no place they would rather stay.

Having spent a number of years abroad in various countries, one of my favorite activities is to go on a road trip with friends. There is nothing quite as liberating and exciting as to just take off on a trip. You get to travel and you get to discover new places.

For those in Australia, a Brisbane to Sydney road trip in Australia sounds like a lot of fun.

Brisbane to Sydney road trip in Australia

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Travel Australia: Brisbane to Sydney Road Trip In Australia

The best part about a road trip is that you get to see more of your destination and if you do some simple planning, it can be cheaper too. You will still be going to some of the most popular destination in Australia, from Brisbane to Sidney.

Brisbane to Sydney Road Trip In Australia
A Brisbane to Sydney road trip is approximately 1,000km, not including all the stops and detours along the way. Get a car, pack enough for a few days on the road and be prepared for an adventure. There are plenty of interesting places at each stop, from Australia’s theme park in Gold Coast to a day of sun and surf.

“Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is located in the Brisbane river between Moreton Bay and the great dividing mountain range. It is a lust city with spectacular beaches and beautiful gardens. Its vast historical and cultural landmarks attracts a number of visitors into it for sightseeing as well as for dining opportunities.”

Travel Plan

  • Brisbane to Gold Coast
  • Gold Coast to Bryon Bay
  • Bryon Bay to Coffs Harbour
  • Coffs harbor to Port Macquarie
  • Port Macquarie to Nelson Bay
  • Nelson Bay to Sydney

Travel Australia: Getting To Brisbane, Australia

Malaysia Airlines fly direct to Brisbane from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), flight time of just under 9 hours. If you are flying Economy Class, you have a baggage allowance of 30 kg or 66 lbs.

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