Meteora: Dramatic Tours And Awesome Places

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Meteora: Serene And Spiritual Monasteries Of Meteora

Visit Meteora Monastery

Awe-inspiring monasteries of Meteora

Meteora is home to the world’s most awe-inspiring monasteries, built on sheer cliffs and imparts a feeling of being suspended in the sky. Built in the 14th century by the monks of the Greek Orthodox Church, 6 of which remains and are still active monasteries for the monks and nuns of the church. Even if it is not for religious reasons, you can visit these monasteries in Greece.

Meteora is famous for the monasteries perch on sheer cliffs where the only way up was deliberately made difficult requiring large nets used to haul up both goods and people. In 1920s, steps were cut into the rock making access somewhat easier. Until recently, the monasteries did not have access to electricity and water.

The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoro

The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoro is the biggest and oldest one of all

The photo above shows the refectory of the Holy Monastery of Great Meteoro (Transfiguration of Jesus) is the biggest and oldest one of all, dating back to the 14th century. Take a look inside the old refectory of the monks, where part of an original 16th century table is preserved, with the original cutleries on it.

Reader’s Digest published a book titled “Strange Worlds Amazing Places” in 1994 and this was the first time I saw this amazing place. This definitely makes it one those places in the world that you just have to see and experience. According to the website,, “the Meteora vertical cliffs were regarded as the perfect place to achieve absolute isolation, to discover peace and harmony”.

The entrance fee for all monasteries is 2 Euro per person. Here are the 6 active monasteries:

  1. Great Meteoron Monastery
  2. Holy Trinity Monastery
  3. Roussanou Monastery
  4. St. Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery
  5. Varlaam Monastery
  6. St. Stephen’s Monastery
Sunset at Meteora

Sunset at Meteora

Meteora: Amazing Adventures And Awe Inspiring Hikes

While my interest is in the monasteries, there are plenty of activities to do in such a extraordinary and dramatic place. From an adventurous excursion like advanced rock climbing to a challenging hike to unspoilt places like The rock of Aghio Pnevma (Holy Spirit). Or something more leisurely like a day trip to Delphi and Thermopylae, two of the most famous sites of classical Greece on a day trip by air-conditioned coach, perfect for those with an interest in Greek mythology.

Hiking in Meteora, The rock of Aghio Pnevma

Hiking in Meteora, The rock of Aghio Pnevma (Holy Spirit)

Outdoor Activities In Meteora

Some of the outdoor activities you can do while on vacation:

  • Advanced Rock Climbing
  • Archery and Rappel
  • Canoe-Kayak on Plastira lake
  • Canyoning at Mouzaki
  • Half Day Rafting Adventure
  • Hiking and Scramble Tour of Great Saint
  • Hiking Tour of Aspropotamos
  • Hiking Tour of Great Meteoro and Varlaam
  • Hiking Tour of Holy Spirit
  • Horseback Riding
  • World class Rock Climbing
Delphi and Thermopilae Day Trip

Delphi and Thermopilae Day Trip

Day Trip And Tours

  • 4×4 Off Road Tour
  • Delphi and Thermopilae Day Trip
  • Kalampaka Walking Tour
  • Meteora Half-Day Tour
  • Meteora Photography Tour
  • Meteora Private Tour
  • Meteora Sunset Tour
  • Meteora Taxi Tour
  • Skiathos Daily Cruise Ticket
  • Skiathos Island Daily Cruise

Visa Requirements For Malaysians Traveling To Greece

At the time of this article, no visa is required for regular passport holders from Malaysia for stays of up to 90 days.

Meteora Hotels: Where To Stay

Even choosing where to stay for your vacation adds to the adventure, especially in a place where mythology and history seems to be intertwined. Where you stay depends on the type of holiday you want and who you travel with. You can choose from 4 star hotels, resorts and boutique hotels, to apartments and guesthouses bed and breakfast.

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