Finnbay: Everything You Want To Know About Finland

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Finnbay: Finland News, Culture, Entertainment And More

Ever thought about going to Finland? Most Malaysians do not travel to Finland for a holiday and it is one of those countries that we know of but rarely visit. Finland is a country of rugged beauty and amazing winter landscape, especially at this time of the year.

What we know of a country is typically through their exports, and in the case of Finland, their F1 drivers. Known for their speed and cool precision – Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikkonen, both of whom are world champions.

To get to know more about Finland, visit Finnbay – the news, business, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion media channel on everything Finland.

Finnbay Finland Travel Guide and News Media

Finland, a winter wonderland

Finnbay Finland: Where To Go And What To Do In Finland

At any given month, it seems like someone I know is always flying off to Europe or somewhere in Asia for a holiday. Or they are flying off to continue their education at the start of the term. For those who are fortunate enough to travel, I would say travel as far and as wide as you can.

Back then when I was in England, air travel wasn’t as affordable as it is today, so I spent much of my time exploring England. For those who are already there, try to travel to countries that most people do not get to travel to. I know if it was me, I would jet off to Finland for a few days during the end of term holiday and still make it back to spend Christmas with my friends.

Finland is a land of history and natural beauty. Imagine a museum with unique exhibits of the life from a period of over 10,000 years. Or see the unique architecture that are found in Helsinki. It is an opportunity to experience and photograph all that is unique about Finland.

Finnbay Finland Website and Print Media
Finnbay is a well-known and trusted media firm in Finland providing a lot of coverage on news, business, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and what’s happening in Finland. They are a professional print and electronic media firm partnered with ANSA, a leading news agency in Europe.

This is where I read up with Finnish news whenever I want to know more about what’s going on over there. They have a Travel category that contains everything you need to go, with travel tips and travel destinations.

Who knows? We might even partner with them to produce content and promote Finland to our readers on this blog.

Finland: Travel Visa For Malaysians

According to, Malaysian citizens do not require a visa when travelling to one of the Schengen countries for business or tourism reasons. The Schengen countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourgh, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

General requirements:

  • personal visit at the embassy
  • duly completed visa application form. Application forms are available at the embassy. You may also fill in the application form (PDF) electronically, print it out and bring to the Embassy.
  • passport (valid at least three months after the expiry of the visa)
  • 1 recent passport size photo (with light background)
  • Foreign nationals residing in Malaysia: a valid residence permit to Malaysia that will allow the applicant to return to Malaysia after the visit to Finland.
  • confirmed return airline reservation to Finland and an onward ticket to a non-Schengen country for which a visa has already been issued (original tickets are requested before issuing the visa)
  • travel insurance which must be valid in all Schengen countries. The insurance must cover costs caused by sudden illness and accidents, including the repatriation of the patient up to the amount of EUR 30.000 and in case of death the costs for transport home of the deceased.
  • processing fee (EUR 60,00 paid in Malaysian ringgit according to the official exchange rate of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland).

Flying To Finland From Malaysia
At present, there are no direct flights to Finland from Malaysia Airlines. So you will need to check with a travel agent and find a connecting flight. For the adventurous and those with time to spare, you can get a flight to Finland from the country you are in.

Find out more about Finland, visit Finnbay Finland at

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