OSIM Concept Store In 1 Borneo

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On 21st January 2011, a well-known brand in the wellness and lifestyle industry opened its first concept store in 1 Borneo. OSIM, Asia’s number 1 brand in the wellness industry has a brand new concept and new line of products for their market in Sabah.

OSIM is perhaps most well-known for their range of massage chairs, and the latest model is OSIM uDivine. I suppose the uDivine model would be considered the mid-range model, with a listed price of RM 12,888.00. Their high-end model is the OSIM uDream, with a listed price of RM 23,880.00.

OSIM  uDivine

OSIM uDivine massage chair

OSIM Concept Store In 1 Borneo
The outlet will be the first one in Malaysia to carry OSIM’s new concept which reflects OSIM as a customer-centric brand; looking at four distinct categories – Relax and Relieve, Tone and Shape, Check and Measure as well as Clean and Purify. Apart from spotting OSIM’s new tagline, logo and new corporate colors; OSIM’s 1 Borneo Hypermall store will also display a more modern, simplistic layout where customers will be able to experience OSIM products comfortably in an intelligent setting.

The OSIM 1 Borneo Hypermall store will offer a variety of products ranging from their smaller, portable products to OSIM’s latest innovative massage chair, the OSIM uDivine. Apart from being the world’s first human 3D massage chair, the OSIM uDivine is already making headlines with the announcement of its ambassador, Hong Kong celebrity megastar, Andy Lau.

OSIM 1 Borneo

OSIM Concept Store at 1 Borneo

OSIM uDivine ambassador, Andy Lai

OSIM uDivine ambassador, Andy Lai

Quality does not come at a low price, but there are OSIM massage chairs that starts at RM 2,588.00. As well as a whole range of massagers for head, eye, back and foot. Although OSIM might be best known for their massage products, they do have a whole line of wellness and health products. You can head on over to their website at www.osim.com, and see their promotions for Valentine’s Day.

My Own Experience With OSIM
My own experience with OSIM massage chairs, thanks to my brother in law who has one, is that they work a lot better than other brands. My wife agrees with me on this, OSIM massage chairs gives a better massage. Still, the price is something to be reckoned with, and while they out-perform other brands, they also cost more than other brands.

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