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Want To Know How To Get Cashback Shopping In Malaysia?

As some of you may know, shopping is Malaysia’s favorite pastime and for those of us living in Sabah, it is the same. The end of the year in Malaysia resembles a Mega Sale Carnival which runs from November to the end of December. If you are visiting Sabah during this time, it is a good time to pick up brand names at clearance prices.

This is the time where we celebrate Christmas and the New Year, so shoppers are out in droves, buying decorative pieces to dress up the home to bring in the new year. This is also the time when most people buy work attire for the coming year. We can also count those who buy their clothes in preparation for the Chinese New Year in the middle of February 2013. Basically, this is the time to do some serious shopping.

Let’s not forget that we have to shop for Christmas gifts and those of us who have children, it also coincides with back to school. The kids have to buy their school attire, new bags and everything else they need for the school year. My hunting ground is at 1 Borneo shopping mall, mainly because that is closest to home and my kids love going there. You should have seen the queue at Parkson Departmental Store, you had to wait in line for half an hour just to pay for your purchase!

Shopping Tip No. 1:
Here is how you can get cashback shopping in Sabah. If you use their BonusLink card, make sure you find out if they are giving away cash vouchers when your purchase exceeds a certain amount. Last month, they gave away RM 10 gift vouchers for every RM 150 of purchases. So you pay for the first RM 150, then head off to the Customer Service counter, get your RM 10 gift voucher and use that for your next purchase.

On top of that, your purchases also gets reward points, and since our purchases over the month went into 4 figures, we managed to get use those gift vouchers to offset some of the money we spent. Don’t ask me how it got into 4 figures, I am still trying to come to grips with it.

How Else Can We Get Cashback Shopping In Malaysia?

Get cashback Shopping In Malaysia

Ever heard of cashback shopping? CashBack shopping is when a retailer or an ecommerce store gives you a rebate, in the form of cash back or rewards. What it means for you is this, you can start earning cash back when you shop online. It is the same as a rewards program at your hypermarket. The only difference is that when you shop online, you get the cash rebate instantly.

It is no surprise that while we love to shop, we also love bargains and when possible, earn cash back or rewards. Another great way to get cashback while you shop is to do your shopping online.

Take a look at this website, www.PandaCashback.com, a cashback shopping website that lets you earn cash back while shopping online. Panda Cashback is company based in Michigan, USA and they operate worldwide. You can “buy Malaysia” when you use the website and get rebates when you do so.

Some of the Malaysian online retailers listed on Panda Cashback.com:

  • Lazada Malaysia – Malaysia’s best online store for electronics, books, sport’s goods, home appliances & stationary
  • ZALORA Malaysia – Asia’s leading online fashion and lifestyle destination
  • Hulala Malaysia – a group buying website in Malaysia
  • Berjaya Hotels & Resorts – a luxury hotel chain with 12 properties in Malaysia, Asia Pacific and UK
  • Expedia.com.my – For Malaysia Flights, the official Expedia online travel website for Malaysia
  • Expedia.com.my – For Malaysia Hotels
  • Expedia.com.my – For Malaysia Packages
  • Food Panda Malaysia – Order food from your favorite restaurants online at foodpanda.my

So What Do You Get With Panda Cashback Shopping?
Panda CashBack is free to join and the website offer rebates in over 1500 online stores from around the world. You get a US$5 bonus for sign up and US$5 for each active referral you sign up. So the more people you refer the more you earn, the amount which are then paid into your Paypal account. Plus whatever shopping rebates you get when you shop online.

Shopping Tip No. 2
How to make money while you shop at PandaCashBack.com:

  • Sign up for free and get US$ 5
  • Then go to ZALORA and sign up for their newsletter – you get a RM20 voucher
  • Now, when you shop at Zalora through PandaCashBack.com, you get 4% cashback
  • Start telling your friends about PandaCashBack.com, make sure they signup using your referral link. You get US$ 5 for every person who joins through your link

Panda Cashback website

If you have not shopped online before, finding your way around Panda Cashback website is easy. Sign up and log in. If you want to find deals in Malaysia, just type in Malaysia in the website’s search bar and it will show you all the results for Malaysia. Of course, you do not have to shop Malaysia, you can shop for software and online gaming as well or look for travel sites.

So what is Malaysia’s favorite pastime? Shopping!

What Else You Need To Know About Cashback Shopping In Malaysia?

Malaysians are comfortable with shopping online and it is not as dangerous as you might think. Shopping online with credit cards or Paypal has security benefits to you, namely that you can cancel the purchase if you don’t get what you paid for. This is known as a chargeback for credit cards or a dispute in the case of Paypal. You can file for either if you have any problems and they will take very prompt action.

According to a study by Paypal which was conducted by Nielsen in 2011, Malaysians spent RM 337 million in 2011 shopping through their smartphone and RM 108 million with their tablets. This figure did not take into account money spent through a computer.

“revealed that Malaysians spent RM337 million [US$109.9 million] through their smartphones in 2011 – representing close to three quarters of the total mobile commerce market – compared to RM108 million [US$35.22 million] through tablets”

Shopping Tip No. 3
When you do your shopping online, there are a couple of things you should know.

  1. Make sure you are shopping at the right website and not a fake website. Check the url to make sure you are where you want to go.
  2. Before you pay, check to see that your transaction is in a secure connection, the url should start with “https://”.
  3. Always use a credit card or paypal.
  4. Avoid using stores that ask for you to pay by bank transfer (for example, pay by maybank2u) or money transfer (such as Western Union or MoneyGram), unless you know who you are dealing with.
  5. Lastly, make sure the computer you are using is your own, you have the latest operating system updates and your anti virus software is updated daily.

Ready to find out more about Panda Cashback.com? Visit their for cashback shopping in Malaysia.

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