G-Mart Tuaran 1st Anniversary

On the 22nd of January 2010, G-Mart Tuaran celebrated its 1st Anniversary. G-Mart Tuaran is a general merchandise store, focusing on fresh perishables and being a local neighborhood store. A big thank you to the people of Tuaran and Tamparuli for the support in 2009. We are No.1 in Tuaran!

This post is dedicated to the staff of G-Mart Tuaran. For their hardwork, dedication and commitment to the company. I have worked with them over the past year and I know the challenges we faced over the course of one year. Although I left G-Mart Tuaran in December 2009, this was a store I managed for most of 2009. Customers will always see the short-comings of a supermarket, and really there isn’t an acceptable excuse for the way things are. Only it is out of the store’s hands, it just the way things are at the moment. What is certain is that things will improve given time.

G-Mart Tuaran

G-Mart Tuaran

G-Mart Tuaran 1st Anniversary
A Lion Dance kicked off the celebrations on the 22nd, followed by cake-cutting. I joined in the cake cutting, and helped give the pieces of cake to our customers. We had a DJ on hand to get the celebrations started. There was an egg-eating contest in the morning, and a modern dance performance in the afternoon. In the evening, a singing contest with cash prizes.

I arrived early in the morning to lend a hand, and to have a chat with our people working in Tuaran. I had to leave after the cake ceremony, to get back to my job at G-Mart head office in Inanam.

What’s New In G-Mart Tuaran
We brought in new display fixtures for softline, ie Gents, Ladies, Children and Baby department. It enables the clothes and merchandise to be displayed better, making it easier for our shoppers to see what we have. Another benefit is that the merchandise will be in a better condition when you buy it.

Next month we will upgrade the display racks for the supermarket. It is part of the continuous improvement we undertake to make the shopping experience better for our customers. It’s our way of saying thanks for the support!

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3 Responses to “G-Mart Tuaran 1st Anniversary”

  1. imagozint (G-Mart Papar) Says:

    happy anniversary kepada semua pekerja d Gmart Ranau……
    jangan lupa join makan sosej ma telur aaa….

  2. imagozint (G-Mart Papar) Says:

    Ada ramaiti kan d G-Mart Ranau… kepada semua pekerja d Gmart Ranau……
    jangan lupa join makan sosej ma telur aaa….

  3. adrian Says:

    Hi Esther! Thanks for dropping by.

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