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Posted on: February 24th, 2009 by Adrian 7 Comments

G-Mart opened its second superstore in Tenom, Sabah on 22nd February 2009. This is the second of nine planned stores in Sabah, and the third store will be launched in Papar at the end of this month. There is always a sense of accomplishment to see a superstore have a successful opening. The satisfaction of our customers make all the hard work worthwhile.

During the opening of G-Mart Tuaran, I was too busy to observe and photograph the day’s events. In Tenom, I got to observe our staff and customers’ reactions more closely. Getting a store ready for opening bonds people together, when you have spent the last 2 weeks working together, from morning until night. This contributes to the ‘Can-Do’ altitude of an organization.

Getting it together

The focus is on Total Fresh, where we bring the freshest products and produce to our customers. G-Mart also carry the Fresh theme in the presentation of the merchandise in all the departments and in the promotions.

Opening Activities

In the morning, we had Lion Dance for the store opening, and in the afternoon, there was a Traditional Dance performance. Throughout the day, we had a DJ to interact with the crowd. It was an entertaining day for the people of Tenom. I had the opportunity to talk with the local people on the experience they had in G-Mart.

Our Customers’ Stamp Of Approval

We had a tremendous response from the people of Tenom. The store was packed from the minute we opened for business, and stayed packed until closing. I am sure that it was an experience our new staff will remember always.

The People Who Made It Happen

Here are the some of the guys who did the work in setting up the store. They worked until midnight on the eve of the opening, getting the merchandise displayed. From their expressions on opening day, it was worth the hardwork. And next week, they get to do it all over again in G-Mart Papar.

The Management
The opening of G-Mart Tenom was officiated by our CEO, who flew in from KL. Here is a look at all of us before the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Left to right: HR Manager, Group Operation Manager, Merchandising Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Person In Charge – Tenom, Store Manager – Tuaran, General Manager.

One final word, many thanks to the people of Tenom for their great response, and to everyone who put so much effort into this project.

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7 Responses

  1. BONG says:

    Adrian, your hardwork is appreciated. Well done!

  2. adrian says:

    @ Ms Bong, Thanks for the kind words. See you soon.

  3. gagaukon says:

    hey hey… congrats, will visit the store soon.

  4. adrian says:

    @ gagaukon, thanks. You sound like you are from Tenom….

  5. charles says:

    gnart is become a good compete

  6. Medy says:

    tanya, apa no tel G-Mart cawangan Tenom? ada barang tertinggal tadi

  7. admin says:

    Here is the telephone number for G-Mart Tenom: 087 735997.

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