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Monday October 17th 2011

G-Mart Arrives In Papar

The 3rd G-Mart Superstore opened its doors for business in Papar, Sabah on 28th February 2009. The support from the local population in Papar surpassed all others. I mean, it was just absolutely amazing! Many thanks to everybody who visited, supported and shopped at G-Mart Papar!

Due to our programs at Tuaran and Tenom, in support of the 3rd G-Mart superstore in Papar, I was unable to attend the Opening Ceremony at Papar. I managed to get there in the late afternoon, just in time to catch a modern dance performance from an all-girl dance group.

Opening Activities
In the morning, there was a kadazandusun traditional dance and welcome. I don’t know what this dance is called but I have always enjoyed our native and traditional dances. The traditional music and the gongs are strangely hypnotic. Here are some scenes from G-Mart Superstore, Papar.

In the afternoon, we had this all-girl modern dance group. Some of you may have seen them performing at private functions and weddings. These girls performed at Tuaran, before heading off to Papar. Later they would be going to perform in G-Mart Tenom.

Modern Dance - Our GM getting into the act
Modern Dance - Our GM getting into the act
These girls can dance
These girls can dance

Support From Our Customers

In any G-Mart store you go to, you will see the same focus on Freshness, in fresh produce and presentation. Our customers’ support makes our stores a success. Feel free to give your feedback to the Store Manager, the good and the bad. We appreciate your comments, and personally I always enjoy talking to the people in the community.

Watch out for the G-Mart superstore coming to your neighbourhood soon. We’ll be seeing you in Beaufort and Sipitang, Sabah in March 2009.

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    Olivia Chen

  • adrian says:

    As I understand their business strategy, they intend to focus their retail operations in Sabah for the present. Your best option is to visit their website at http://www.layhong.com.my and use their contact form.

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