1 Borneo Christmas 2009

Ask any child if they liked Christmas and watch them get all excited about how Santa Claus, presents and Christmas trees! My angelic girl was singing Christmas songs throughout the month of December. And she pretty much screamed when she saw our Christmas tree in the living room.

Christmas is one of the major holidays in Sabah and Malaysia. In every hotel you visit, in every shopping mall you go to. Most restaurants will have a Christmas Dinner on the menu. In churches, midnight mass is held on the Christmas eve.

Christmas in 1 Borneo Shopping Mall
Shopping is Malaysia’s favorite past-time, along with eating. Food and festivals just seem to go hand in hand. If you think about it, there are dishes that only appear during that particular season. Shopping is entertainment, and many people will have visited 1 Borneo during this time.

The Malaysia Carnival Sales is still on until 3rd January 2010, so sales and discounts are everywhere. You can get Free Parking if you spend RM50 in Giant, 1 Borneo. Just remember to bring the parking ticket and hand it to the cashier when you pay for your purchase. Make sure you get the ticket back. You will need it to exit the car park.

No Christmas would have been complete if we did not visit my angelic girl’s favorite shopping mall. This year, we managed to visit most of the malls in the countdown to Christmas. My girl likes going shopping not because she wants to buy things, she goes to be part of the crowd. It’s even better when there is a public performance, she listens to every song, watches every dance and claps at the end of every performance. The perfect audience. The only downside is, there is no way you can leave before the show is over.

Christmas In Sabah
Many visitors from overseas spent Christmas in Sabah. It’s a warm climate, and while you spend Christmas away from home, you can go to any restaurant or pub and still enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Happy 2010! May All Your Wishes Come True!

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