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Sunday October 28th 2012

Travel Advise When Flying Air Asia With Check-in Luggage

Travel Advise When Flying Air Asia

Air Asia is the airline of choice for many people. Personally, I like flying on the Airbus and the low fares Air Asia offers. These days, you need to book early to get the best prices online.

MAS and Air Asia has reduced the number of flights to Tawau. I am not sure if this is due to the drop in demand or because their aircrafts are needed to service new routes.

Travel Advise – Air Asia Flight Times

Air Asia operates daily flights to Tawau in the afternoon and extra flights in the morning on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Air Asia Flight Times

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Departs KK at 0720, Arrives Tawau at 0810
  • Daily – Departs KK at 1545, Arrives Tawau at 1635
  • Daily – Departs KK at 2030, Arrives Tawau at 2120

Do all your booking online, pay for your check-in luggage, in-flight meals and self check-in. There are extras that you can book, like your preferred seating and you can up-size your luggage.

Make Sure You Do This If You Have Check-in Luggage

Speaking of luggage, let me tell you how I ended up paying an extra RM40 for over-weight luggage even though I bought 30kg and my luggage only weighted 23kg.

First thing you should be aware of if you are traveling in a group. The check-in luggage you paid for only applies to the same ticket booking. For instance, if you have 2 ticket bookings, you cannot combined the luggage together if it exceeds the check-in luggage weight. And make sure you don’t put everything in 1 luggage if you are traveling together but on different ticket bookings. Confused yet?

Here is my story. My wife and I, along with my 2 kids were flying back to Kota Kinbaalu after a 1 week break in Tawau together but the tickets were booked at different times. So my wife and 1 child had a 20kg luggage allowance, while myself with another child had a 10kg luggage allowance. So what we did was, we had 1 large luggage which was 23kg and 1 small box which was less than 1 kg.

We looked at our ticket and saw a 30kg luggage allowance, so we figured we were fine. Imagine my surprise when I was checking in. Because the luggage allowance was on 2 separate booking, we or rather the check-in system had no way of combining the allowed weight. We were given the option to remove 3 kg from our large suitcase and transfer it into another box. But we had to do this in the middle of check-in while there was a growing line behind us.

After mulling it over for a couple of seconds, I opted to pay for the excess luggage. I was not about to open up our luggage in front of everyone and repack it right there and then. Can you imagine the dark looks we would have gotten from the rest of the queue? In the end I paid the extra RM40.

Not a lot of money but I did feel like an idiot for buying check-in luggage that I did not and could not use, and having to pay for excess luggage. In my defense, I did not book the tickets and not many people would know this can happen.

The worst part is I could not even blame the system. This is how systems work – in a logical and sequential process.

Wait It Gets Even Better
On the flight to and from Tawau, we were traveling together but seated all over the aircraft. Huh? That is my wife sat with our 3 year old, and I sat with my 5 year old, and she was across the aisle from me. Want to know what my 5 year old said? She asked how come we were all seated in different sections?

Okay, I did not do the online check-in either and I was told they you could not select your seating. Not that it made much sense to me. We did what people over here do, we ask our fellow passengers if they minded changing seats.

Morale of the lesson – Always do the bookings yourself and don’t put everything in one luggage.

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