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Friday January 27th 2012

Stacy Angie Pop Diva From Sabah

Stacy Angie Launches Her Second Album

Stacy Angie, winner of Akademi Fantasia season 6 launched her second album this year. The album Stay-C, launched on 9th September 2011 is produced by Astro and distributed by Warner music.

The album is made for the local music market, the songs while catchy is all in Malay. I saw one of her videos on YouTube, Kasanova which is quite a catchy pop song.

The video is not as raunchy as Indonesian pop videos, and while well-made does not have that wow factor. The costumes and wardrobe was a let-down. Which we can blame the producers and management. Stacy performed her heart out.

Stacy Angie, AF6, Kasanova
Stacy Angie from AF6 sings Kasanova

Stacy Angie Sings Kasanova

Take a look at Stacy Angie’s musiv video. Kasanova. Kasanova is a single from her second album, Stay-C. She is one of the most popular performer from the local music scene, having her own programs on Astro, Malaysia’s satellite television. She is also a regular performer in various events in Kuala Lumpur.

Stacy Angie was the winner from Akademi Fantasia 6 because she is talented and worked hard. She is managed by Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd in KL, hence we seldom see her in Sabah. Besides, there are not that many opportunities in Sabah as compared to KL, which is basically the entertainment capital of Malaysia.

Personally, I would like to see her take on songs in English and not limit herself to the Malaysian market. I would like to see our local singers make it as big as Zee Avi from Sarawak. Zee Avi was the singing sensation who was discovered on youtube and I think she is based in LA now.

The Music Scene In Malaysia

There are not very many opportunities on the local music scene despite many talents. While I was with G-Mart, we invited Zizie from Akademi Fantasia 7 to perform at the launch of G-Mart’s flagship store. She was such a sweetheart and very professional. She gave an outstanding performance despite the small setup.

I also had the opportunity to see other local talents from Sabah perform and I can say they are truly talented. They sing and dance well despite not being formerly trained. If it were not for local companies like G-Mart, amongst others, local singers have limited venue to perform in front of an audience and be paid for it.

I have spoken to them and while many of them would like to cut their own CD, they seem to feel that they have to sign on with a record company to succeed. You can make your dreams come through without a major record company.

  • There are recording studios in Kota Kinabalu where you can record your own music.
  • You can produce your own CD, and sell it online on a print-on-demand basis. Or sell it as a digital download which is what Amazon is doing. That means it costs very little to print and sell your CD.
  • You could also use print-on-demand to publish a photobook or music lyrics, and sell it online to an international audience. Again it costs very little to get started.
  • There are literally thousands of websites, video sites and social sites to promote your album.

Seriously, if music is your passion and you want to produce your own album, you can. Want to sell on Amazon.com? You can. If you need to find out more, you can always contact me through aboutsabah.com.

Promote Your Music

The one thing that record companies do very well is marketing, and this is the key activity you need to do to get your music heard. But if you are not signed on with any record companies, how do you promote your music?

Independent Music Promotions is a popular indie music marketing blog maintained by “Your Band Is A Virus” (www.yourbandisavirus.com) author James Moore. The blog offers promotion campaigns and publicity services for indie artists as well as reviews, interviews and features.

If you need someone to do your music marketing or music promotion, you should get in touch with www.independentmusicpromotions.com. They can help you promote your music and get more press for your brand.

Read this post for How To Promote Your Music.

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