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Saturday February 18th 2012

Sabah Paintball League Cup 2012

Sabah Paintball Competition in Kota Kinabalu

Paintball is a growing sport in Kota Kinabalu and judging by the number of teams participating in this year’s shootout, it is definitely here to stay.

Organized by the KK Paintball Center, in association with their co-organizers and sponsors, the competition is held at Likas Sports Complex on 28th and 29th January 2012.

The shootout began this morning and the final will be held tomorrow at 9.00am at the paintball range in Likas Sports Complex.

Paintball Competition In Kota Kinabalu

The competition is a death match between two teams of shooter and as you might guess, the last man standing wins it. The teams start of at the opposite ends of the paintball range, and the action is fast and furious at the command of “Bring It On!”.

Paintball Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Paintball shooters taking part in Sabah Paintball League Cup 2012

The teams burst out of the assembly area, spreads out and runs for cover. Firing on the move, they lay down as much fire on the opposing team as they can. The initial contact sounds like full automatic fire with the rounds impacting on wherever the shooters have taken cover behind. They bring firepower and seek to establish fire superiority to prevent the opposing team from gaining a good tactical position, and to take out as many opposing shooters as they can.

A match does not last very long, but it is an adrenalin rush for the shooters as they come under fire. With the amount of paintballs expended, all shooters carry reloads for their guns. Tactics, firepower and coolness while under fire is required to win a match.

Sabah Paintball League Cup 2012
Paintball competitor takes cover and fire on the competition

Paintball Competitors In Kota Kinabalu

There was a good number of teams taking part in the Sabah Paintball League Cup 2012 competition. Both men and women gear up and took to the range for a shot at the title. It was as much fun for the observers as it is for the competition shooters.

Safety gear is a must and all teams have their own uniforms, as well as gear. The paintball guns they were using are probably the best you can find in Malaysia. The referees play an important role in any competition and paintball is no exception. The referees are required to rule when a competitor is hit and since the opposing shooter is not about to stop, the referees come under fire much of the time.

KK Paintball competition
Paintball shooter laying down cover fire for his team mates to flank the opposing team.

Having seen some of the matches today, it makes you want to take up paintball and become a weekend warrior.

For more information, visit www.kkpaintballcentre.com.

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