Rick And Beatrice Wedding

Congratulations! to Rick and Beatrice on their Wedding. It was a fun day, and I hope we will see you guys again soon. It was a good idea to do the photo shoot at the Likas Public Park. I have published some of the photos here, so readers can see how it’s done in Sabah.

One of the funniest thing that happened involved Rick’s friend driving a rental van. He started off by taking a right turn instead of a left, and everyone had to wait for him to find his way back. On the way to the beach, I looked into my rear-view mirror, saw wipers and lights flashing in the van behind me. Well, he was driving on what was for him the wrong side of the road. And I guess the indicators and such are on different sides if you drove a left-hand drive car.

Rick and Beatrice hosted their Wedding Dinner at Le Meridien Hotel, which was also where they had been staying for a couple of weeks. Rick also invited some of friends from various countries for his wedding, and all of them had a great time in Sabah. Some even stayed behind after Rick and Beatrice flew off to Australia.

The Wedding Dinner was hosted in Le Meridien Hotel for 150 guests of the couple, which included friends and family. The restaurant was beautifully set-up, decorated in their Passion color scheme. The menu that was served was well executed. The food was delicious, and you couldn’t fault the service. I have been to many wedding dinners, and I can honestly say that dinner was a lot better than many other hotel restaurants.

Rick and Beatrice's Wedding

Rick and Beatrice's Wedding

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Most Chinese will honor some of the traditions when getting married. For instances, “The Hair Combing Ceremony For The Bride”. This happens at exactly midnight on the day before the wedding. The mother of the bride will comb her daughter’s hair three times. Each time, she combs her daughter’s hair, she will speak the wedding blessings. These three blessings have been unchanged for centuries, and I expect will continue for the foreseeable future. As long as there is someone who still remembers the words.

Another tradition is “Picking Up The Bride”, which is when the bridegroom arrives to pick up his bride. But it isn’t as simple as that. All married men will remember what he had to go through to collect his bride. This is the chance for the bride’s maid and her friends to tease and set tasks for the bridegroom to complete to prove his love and worthiness to marry the bride. At this point, the door to the bride’s house will be locked, and will not be opened before all the teasing is done. And since guys believe in sharing the embarrassment, he will come with a group of buddies to help him in his tasks. The final test is always completed with the dispensation of “Ang Pows” to the bride’s maid and her friends.

In Rick’s case, he came with two buddies, and it was a good thing they came along. He had to do some sit-ups and press-ups to prove his manliness, he managed to do the press-ups while a buddy did the sit-ups. And they had to help him finish off some Green Tea cookies. The green tea in this case was wasabi, which is a very hot mustard from Japan. There was also a song that he had to sing, and even through there were three of them singing, to this day I still can’t figure out the song they were singing.

One of the most important tradition is the time in which the bride leaves her house with her husband. The time is selected from the Chinese Almanac, and is to ensure a good marriage. What can I say? Ask anyone here and they will tell you better safe than sorry. And besides, Rick found it all interesting.

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2 Responses to “Rick And Beatrice Wedding”

  1. Cecilia Chin Says:

    Congratulations to Beatrice and Rick from Aunty Cecilia in NZ
    God Bless you both with Love and happiness and a life time of joy together
    Love your photos ,Beatrice you look so beautiful and happy wish I could have been there to share the wonderful day with you
    take care love to hear from you Beatrice
    aunty Cecilia

  2. Beatrice Says:

    Aunty Cecilia,

    Thank you! Wish you were here too. We took lots of pictures!

    Do take care and we hope to visit you one day in NZ!

    Lots of love,

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