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I only managed to look at today’s newspapers at 9.00pm. Thought I would just share some news with you. Here are some of the articles published in today’s edition of the Daily Express, an independent newspaper in East Malaysia. The Daily Express boasts the largest circulation for a Sabah newspaper, having won awards nationally for many years.

Only Biodegradable Bags Allowed
Sabah walks the the talk on going green and the use of plastics. Only bio-degradable plastic bags will be used at all State-owned tourism premises and facilities starting from January 2010. This includes private companies that manages facilities, accommodations and restaurants in Sabah Parks. Sabah Parks includes the islands around Kota Kinabalu, and Kinabalu National Park where Mount Kinabalu is located.

While this is good news, it is only a drop in the ocean in terms of the number of plastic bags used in Sabah. Personally, I estimate that more than 2 million plastic bags are thrown into the trash every day. This means we generate more than 2 tonnes of plastic bags alone at landfills daily, and these does not include the plastic packaging or wrappers you buy your favorite bag of crisps. Of course, this is a W.A.G. method on my part, but I have been in the retail trade for two decades. Believe me, we produce a huge amount of trash daily.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport Project Delayed
Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA), is the second busiest airport in Malaysia. It has been undergoing renovation, and is now behind schedule. Originally expected to be completed in May 2010, it has been pushed back by another year.

If you are flying in to KKIA, the renovation works will not affect you at all. The main terminal is already completed. I last flew from KKIA in September this year, and everything worked fine. Except my Malaysian Airlines flight got delayed.

There is also talk about the need to install some kind of shade in the departure hall. This is because the design of the terminal is an all-glass front. While this brings in a lot of sunlight and offers travelers good view, it does get too warm on occasions. With the sunlight and warmth in Kota Kinabalu, the air-conditioning system cannot cope. I also found the sunlight to be too glaring in the afternoon, especially if you sit facing the runway.

Raleigh International
Our heart-felt thanks to Raleigh International, Raleigh Borneo, and all the volunteers who has done many charity projects in Sabah. They do it every year, working for 3 months in rural Sabah doing projects such as building water supply lines, kindergartens and much more. It has been 25 years of service, and I hope they continue.

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2 Responses to “News Articles About Sabah”

  1. Promotional Plastic Bags Says:

    That’pleasing to know. Moreover Asians should be more concern about the environment. Considering the disturbing pictures of non biodegradable thrash I’ve seen in internet, they should have been do something about it earlier. But anyway i am glad they did now.

  2. adrian Says:

    The thing is bio-degradable plastic bags cost a lot more and retailers have to find a way to adsorb the cost of going green. Using paper bags is just as bad, in my opinion. All organizations are already using too much paper already, even in today’s paperless office environment. And how many of us bring our own shopping bags when we go out?

    So where does that leave us?

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