Earth Hour

28th March 2009. Earth Hour. 60 mins. Malaysia time 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Lights off. Vote for earth in the first global election in world history. 1 billion people in 74 countries around the world.

VOTE EARTH. Join earth hour by switching off your lights for 1 hour on 28th March 2009, local time 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Join the millions of people around the world to show your support for Earth Day. The people of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah supports and votes for Earth Hour.



How It All Started
Earth Hour started in Sydney, 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned off their lights for one hour. In 2008, the message went global with 50 million people switching off their lights, across the world. Can you imagine the courage it takes to switch off the lights in a city of millions, even if it was for just one hour? My heartfelt thanks to the people of Sydney for having the courage to take a stand on global warming. Earth Hour began because of you. And to all the people and cities who answered this call, I pledge my support to Earth Hour!

What I Will Do For Earth Hour

While I may not switch off the lights in my business for one hour, all non-essential lights, computers, and other electrical appliances will be switch off. This will include most of the air-conditioning and music system. I am sure that our customers and my company management will understand. I think it is that important to VOTE EARTH.

What You Can Do
Make it count, switch off your tv, your music, your computer, and everything else that can be switched off. Don’t drive your car, or leave it turned off. Live without air-conditioning for one hour. Go sit in the garden, enjoy the sound of the night, look at the stars and chat with your family and friends. Or take a walk. Having said all that, I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow night. You could also go and take photos of your city, and post in on your website.

Earth hour was the featured topic on radio this morning, and a female listener called in and said that she organized a get-together with her friends. They intend to switch off all the lights and tell ghost stories in the dark. One hour passes in a blink of an eye, but imagine how much fossil fuel is saved during that hour worldwide! For the one hour, how much less pollution or greenhouse gases we have just prevented from being released into the atmosphere? Let’s try to keep it going, use a little bit less everyday in your life. It starts with us.

Earth Day
To show my support for our earth and the environment we live in, I am creating a blog, ECO-LIVING. I hope to complete it in time for Earth Day, 22nd April 2009. I am still trying to work out the Revolution theme. It’s absolutely beautiful, but the featured content gallery is driving me nuts! But when it is done, I would invite you to link your websites to mine, any websites that promotes green living.

Malaysian Celebrities In Support Of Earth Hour

Reshmonu, R&B singer-performer with Pete Teo, singer-songwriter

Reshmonu, R&B singer-performer with Pete Teo, singer-songwriter

Lina Teoh, Ms Malaysia with Hans Isaac, Actor

Lina Teoh, Ms Malaysia with Hans Isaac, Actor


Top 5 Things To Do
I’ve been visiting other blogs that voted for Earth Hour to show my support. And came across some interesting list of things to do while the lights were off.

5. Bring out your guitar and have a music night.
4. Don’t forget fitness. Practice naked yoga.
3. Build a fortress of cushions and blankets, and invite everyone.
2. Gather a few friends and tell ghost stories.
1. Go to bed early.

One More Thing
Please show your support for Earth Hour by leaving your comments on my blog. Thanks a million!

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4 Responses to “Earth Hour”

  1. Bobo Says:

    Here’s one for Earth Hour!! Support Earth Hour!! :)

  2. adrian Says:

    Hi Bobo! Earth Hour kinda started early in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We had a thunderstorm this evening, and power was cut off for about an hour:)

    We get to do it twice in Sabah!

  3. Archie Says:

    yo… they also broadcast at tv to ask us to suport earth hour hehehe!!

  4. adrian Says:

    What a day! Almost everyone I met knew about Earth Hour.

    During Earth Hour, there was a heavy thunderstorm again. When I left work, the roads were flooded. Cars broken down everywhere. I had to make a huge detour, and reached home an hour late.

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