Congratulations to the Newlyweds

We want to congratulate Bosco and Luyi from Semporna on the occasion of their marriage on 7th October 2010.

Their reception dinner was held in Tawau at Maxims Seafood Restaurant. Semporna, being a small place, the family decided to host the dinner in Tawau. The restaurant was filled to capacity with more than 80 tables, and close to 1,000 guests attending. Practically the entire Chinese community of Semporna attended the dinner.

The newly weds - Bosco Chok and LuYi

The newly weds - Bosco Chok and LuYi

My Princess on the right

My Princess on the right

Needless to say, my Princess had a blast at the dinner. She got together with some kids whom she had just met and went on the stage for some impromptu performances. Later in the evening, she went around with a digital camera taking photos of the bride.

The Following Day
They left for Semporna the following day, and from there flew to their Honeymoon to China. Before we all drove to Semporna the following day, we had lunch at Maxims again. This time, the meal was wonderfully delicious, especially the fresh fish and the prawns. Sometimes, when you go to a dinner, the restaurant kitchen are hard-pressed to produce the kind of food they are capable of. This restaurant is popular for a reason, and that is good quality food and efficient service.

By the way, the photo of the newlyweds was taken by my 4 year old Princess.

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