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On a visit to the food court located in Giant Hypermarket, Kolombong, ….. actually that should read on a recent visit to the playground located in Giant Hypermarket, I came across an interesting publication. I wouldn’t have seen it at all, except my angel girl was being her usual hyper-active self in the playground. I managed to get away briefly to buy a drink. Now, if you are a parent, you will know what it feels like waiting for your kids while they entertain themselves at a playground.

Anyway, as I was paying for my drink, I saw this little publication called Coffee News. So I took a copy, went back to my seat, and read it through while keeping one eye on my angel. It intrigued me because it was different from the usual free magazines you pick up in and around Kota Kinabalu. So when I got home, I emailed the publisher and found out more about Coffee News.

Coffee News

Coffee News

What Is Coffee News Publication?
Coffee News is a weekly publication delivered to local restaurants and hotels. It prints unusual stories, some funny and some inspirational. Some trivial and interesting facts, horoscopes, you get the idea. It makes for light reading, while you are waiting for your meal to arrive. The idea behind Coffee News is that people tend to absorb more advertising messages before or during eating.

Local businesses can take up advertisements in the local edition of Coffee News, in name card size format. So, while you are waiting for your meal, you will glance through the advertisements in the Coffee News. And you can take the publication with you when you leave. It’s a good idea, and believe or not, it’s new to Sabah.

I asked Azlina over at Coffee News Malaysia about the cost to post an advertisement, and it doesn’t cost much. It’s cheaper than a newspaper print-ad, cost much less than other full color magazines that are also distributed for free. I liked the idea so much that I arranged to take up an ad space on the publication. The publication is printed weekly, so any advertisement you buy lasts a week. The only thing is they don’t accept advertisement from restaurants and other food outlets.

It’s A Business Opportunity
There is more to Coffee News than advertisement. This is also a business opportunity as Azlina from Coffee News Malaysia explained to me. Azlina runs the Malaysian Head Office for Coffee News, so you can contact her in person. Any person interested in this publication can apply for a Coffee News license, anywhere in Malaysia.

So what can you do with the license? You sell advertisement space on your local copy of the publication, and make the publication available in the restaurants and hotels in your area. You get your own publication and advertising income. With a license, you can generate an additional stream of income. That’s what makes Coffee News successful worldwide.

To find out more about Coffee News, visit their website @
Find out where you can get your copy of Coffee News on their website.


Coffee News Malaysia Head Office
Level 2, Lot2B-31&33,
Central Shopping Plaza,
Jalan Banjaran, Kepayan Ridge,
88803 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel:6088 237787, 6013 8603871
Fax: 6088 245686

P.S. If you want to contact her, let her know you found Coffee News through

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