China Visa For US Citizens

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Many people I know has flown to China for holidays and business. In my old company, we used to fly to China every quarter. As most people know, China has a huge market-share for manufactured consumer goods. However, China is also an amazing holiday destination, as many of my friends can testify.

Many of us have family ties in mainland China, myself included. My grandfather migrated to Sabah from China, and to this day, I have relatives there. For Malaysians, a tourist visa is required to visit China, and most of the time, application is quite straight forward.

What about citizens of US, Canada and UK?
Those who wish to visit China will require a China Visa, either a tourist visa, business visa or student visa. This also applies if you are part of the crew of an airline or ship, and if you are an official representing your government.

Applying for a Chinese Visa is can be done online or you can print out the tourist visa application form from This company provides online visa services and U.S. passport solutions enabling travelers to apply online for visas to virtually any country in the world.

You can use their website to determine if you require a visa to whatever country in the world you wish to visit. You select your citizenship, then you select your destination, and you will know in an instant if you need to apply for a visa. If your destination requires a visa, they will provide you with a list of documents that are needed. Then you can either apply online or print out the application form.

If you are from the US, Canada or UK and you need a Chinese Visa, this website looks helpful. They provide China visa services for citizens and residents of US, UK and Canada. The fees required are listed on the website.

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Flying To China From Sabah
Air Asia offers daily flights to Shenzhen, China which departs at 9.20am from Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Terminal 2.

Malaysia Airlines flies to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and a few other Chinese cities on selected days of the week. It is best to check the respective websites for flight schedules.

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