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Sunday October 28th 2012

Uncle’s Chang Backpacker Resort

Uncle’s Chang Backpacker Resort on Mabul Island, off Semporna, Sabah. I got to know about this resort after one of my friend’s from Semporna stayed there.

People who go there are mostly scuba divers, and although many locals do drop in for a day trip. On this backpacker resort, the accommodations are admittedly spartan but clean. The idea behind Uncle Chang’s is “to provide you an affordable adventure experience“.

He started his dive lodge to provide adventurous scuba divers and marine life enthusiasts an affordable and enjoyable place to stay on Mabul Island.

What It Costs
The boat ride to Mabul island is RM100.00 per person.
Air-conditioned room is RM90.00 per person.
Non air-conditioned room is RM60.00 to RM80.00 per person, on a room sharing basis.
All rooms have attached washroom.
Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Free flow of coffee, tea and drinking water.

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Scuba Diving
You can go scuba diving in Sipidan or Mabul, and scuba gear is available for hire. Although if you wish to dive in Sipidan, you have to let them know in advance. Check our their website: www.ucsipadan.com.

Getting There
Mabul island is 30 minutes by boat from Semporna. You get on the boat at Semporna Jetty, and for a day trip, return to Semporna Jetty at the end of the day. Semporna is a small coastal town on the east coast of Sabah, close to 9 hours by car. By air, you land in Tawau airport, then it is a 1 hour trip to Semporna.

Photo source: Ms Lok Yun Fung, from www.facebook.com.

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