The Science Dome In Green Connection

The Science Dome in Green Connection, Kota Kinabalu was where my princess discovered a whole building full of toys. She had such a great time there that she flat out refused to leave, hence we ended up spending two hours in the Green Connection on a Sunday.

Not that I am complaining, it is a nice place to visit and seeing kids discover things for themselves is great. Only it was a particularly hot day, and for once, the children didn’t complain.

When Learning Becomes Fun
My princess was a little hesitant when she got to the Science Dome, she was trying to figure out if the things there were displays or toys. In the end, when she saw other kids trying everything out, she got into the mix. There were some staff there who demonstrated how the things worked, and that was all the license they need to play.

Then we discovered that there were more things to try out upstairs, and when you have done a round, there were more stuff you can play with in the next room. A lot of it is about physics, but presented as balls, cubes and other things kids will find interesting. They get to chuck parachutes off the 1st floor, put jig-saw puzzles together, and more.

While the Green Connection does not compare to the Petrosains Discovery Centre in Kuala Lumpur or the Singapore Science Centre, it is an important project in Sabah. My hope is that one day, the Green Connection can achieve world standards, with the support of the people, the corporations and Government in Sabah. We need this. Sabah needs this.

Before You Leave
Have a look around the souvenir shop and buy something to remember your visit. Besides, you will be contributing to a good cause. To be honest, my princess was so tired from the morning’s activities we hardly had any time to look around here. I managed to chat with Prof Steve Oakley and his wife, and I am amazed at the commitment, their time, their energy, and money they have invested in this project. Can we do any less?

The souvenir shop at Green Connection.

The souvenir shop at Green Connection.

The Wall at the Green Connection.

The Wall at the Green Connection.

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