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Monday September 5th 2011

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Escape to Tabin and discover the beauty of nature at Tabin Wildlife Resort. You can relax in the antonishing beauty of Borneo’s rainforest, enjoy the extraordinary wildlife and amazing diversity of the forest. To see what Tabin Wildlife Reserve has in store for you, check out their website here.  They have a beautiful and interesting website.


Tabin has been carefully developed as a eco-tourism destination, maintaining a balance for both humans and nature to co-exist. The development is particularly mindful of the protection and conservation of nature as a priority. All programs and activities are designed to have minimal impact on natural resources and are sustainable.


Getting There
Tabin Wildlife Reserve is located in Lahad Datu in eastern Sabah. To get to Lahad Datu, you can take a short flight of 30 mins from Kota Kinabalu city. You can also travel to Lahad Datu by coach or car, although this is a long journey of 10 hours. Tabin Wildlife Reserve is about 50 km from Lahad Datu town, which is an hours drive as you will be traveling on dirt road to get there.

Available Tours
There are a range of quality nature and adventure tours. These includes day trips, overnight tours and edu-nature tours, jungle trekking and night safari. Tabin was declared a wildlife reserve because of the large number of wildlife and birds, many of which are in the endangered list. As you would expect, you will see animals such as the Borneo Pygmy Elephant, plain Pygmy Squirrel, and the Sumatran Rhino. Expect also to see birds such as the Crested Serpent Eagle.


One of the many natural wonders in Tabin is the Tabin’s Mud Volcanos and salt springs.

Tabin offers three classes of accommodation to provide the visitors with a comfortable stay while experience the nature of Borneo. The Tabin Chalets (located on thick forested hills), and Tabin Lodges (built along the flowing Lipad river) are built for the mid to up-market groups. They feature authentic Borneo timber bungalows with private balcony and attached bathroom using hot shower. The eco-tent platform are tented accommodation built on raised wooden platforms with common shower and toilet facilities. This has special appeal for hardcore adventurers and student groups.


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