Pulau Maiga: The Unknown Island

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Pulau Maiga: The Little Known Island In Semporna

It never fails to amaze me what fascinating and little known places exist in Sabah. Pulau Maiga is a tiny island surrounded by crystal clear blue water off the coast in Semporna.

How many people in Kota Kinabalu have heard of Pulau Maiga, let alone traveled there? It is one of the islands that make up Tun Sakaran Marine Park in Semporna.

Unlike Sibuan island which is frequent by scuba divers and photographers, you seldom hear about Maiga island being mentioned. Which is surprising if you take a look at the photographs of this beautiful and enchanting island.

Pulau Maiga: Photos Of The Little Known Island In Semporna

Pulau Maiga is populated by the unique sea gypsies of Semporna, the Bujau Laut or Sea Bajaus. one of the many indigenous tribes that make up Sabah’s diverse culture.

Sunset Dashing, Maiga Island, Sabah, Malaysia

Sunset Dashing, Maiga Island, Sabah, Malaysia by Asmady Ahmadas

I saw this photo taken by Asmady Ahmadas, who described this photo, “As the sun falls on the horizon on Maiga Island, local tribal kids have fun! “.

Tun Sakaran Park has higher species diversity than at any other site in Malaysia, with over 500 species of coral reef fish, 300 species of coral. Many of the species have only been recently discovered and is not found outside of Sabah waters.

Pulau Miaga Semporna Sabah

Pulau Miaga – http://azlanumpai.edublogs.org/2009/04/23/maiga-island-semporna-sabah/

Maiga island is about 1 hour boat ride off the coast of Semporna, surrounded by sandy beaches and clear blue waters. You can see even more photos and description of the Pulau Miaga at the Photo Hunter website.

Pulau Maiga: A Photographer’s Notes

This is one of my favorite shot of the island from www.trekearth.com. It does look like a pirate’s cove, doesn’t it?

Sabah - Maiga island by trekks

Sabah – Maiga island by trekks

This is how the photographer describe the island:

This shot was taken from the boat as it approached the island in late afternoon sun. A workshop here to show perspective view.

Maiga island is about 1 hour boat ride off the coast of Semporna town in Sabah. Along the boat ride, you will see clear blue/green water and below it, the coral and sea weeds. The island has a small population of sea Bajau people who live in wooden houses built on stilts in water. They make a living off the sea.

When we landed in this island, it was late afternoon and very hot. Walking around the island’s sandy beach takes about 50 minutes. During low tide, you can see the coconut trees along a clean stretch of sandy beach all around. Size of island – you can guess right?

The islanders are very friendly and simple people. I find the island very natural and unspoiled. It is simply fascinating that the world here is so much different, just 1 hour away from the mainland. You will get to see real basic human lifestyle, what could have been a long time ago. A very educational trip to see this island.

Thank you for viewing.
Regards, Bill

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