Malaysia Reviews: Upside Down House In Sabah

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Malaysia Reviews: Reviews About Everything Malaysia is a Malaysian review website of things to do, places to visit and where to eat while you are in Malaysia. Since a friend brought it to my attention, I have been very impressed with how useful the website is. is made up of real Malaysia Reviews, by people who have been to the places described. It is always great to have another perspective of a popular destination.

Especially when it is written by a tourist, it makes it more believable. Tour operators and business owners will do well to listen to reviews from their visitors and incorporate the feedback into their package where applicable. Sometimes it is a matter of perception, a clash of different cultures and the way of life.

For those of us who live here, we might have a different view and let’s face it, sometimes we are so used to seeing a place we forget how interesting it can be. You can also join in and leave a review at the website.

upside down house sabah

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Malaysia Reviews: Upside Down House

Here is an example of the type of reviews that can be found on the website, useful for both locals and tourists alike. This is a review of the famous Upside Down House or Rumah Terbalik in Malay located in a village just outside of Kota Kinabalu city by the name of Tamparuli.

The Upside Down House is designed, created and owned by Alexander Yee. It is the first of its kind in Asia and one of five in the world.

Everything inside the Upside Down House is….well, upside down and everything is to scale. The owner literally took a house and flipped it on its roof. As you enter the house, the furniture is above your head, even the toilet. It takes some getting used to and is an interesting experience. Plus you get some really interesting photos to talk about when you get home.

From The Review On

Rumah Terbalik Sabah

A skewered perspective in the Upside Down House

The start of a unique upside down experience… the duration within the house lasts about 7-8 minutes with commentary from guide. No photography is allowed in the interior in view of practicality (pic taking would prolong the allotted time frame and cause congestion and bottlenecks, especially in peak period) and novelty (pictures shown liberally will degrade the uniqueness and erodes the novelty effect. Not good from a business point of view).

“Sabah is definitely an interesting place with a wide range of attractions that one trip is never quite enough….”
- Jensen Chua, Singapore

Map Of The Upside Down House

Map of the upside down house in Sabah

Map of the upside down house – published on

“Venue map of Rumah Terbalik….the efficient layout ensures smooth flow and a pleasant experience. There’s a cafe to take good care of thirsty and hungry visitors. For those with preference for a gastronomic adventure in authentic Sabah ethnic cuisine, there’s a cosy air-con restaurant called Mango Garden Restaurant within the compound, managed and owned by the Upside Down House founder. Its comprehensive menu carries many unique Sabah ethnic food like Kadazan, Brunei, Dusun, etc… all under one roof! Also…do check out the souvenir shop for value for money quality items to remember the occasion..”

Malaysia Reviews: Everything About Malaysia reviews everything about Malaysia, including places of interests in Sabah. So if you live in Sabah and you wanted to know about the top 5 attractions in Malacca, you can find out about it at this review website.

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