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Saturday June 30th 2012

Mahua Waterfall In Tambunan Sabah

Mahua Waterfall, A Hidden Treasure In Tambunan

All the best places to visit is always off the beaten path and Tambunan is a good place to explore. There are many natural treasures to be experienced and one of them is the Mahua Waterfall.

Tambunan is a 1½ hours drive from Kota Kinabalu city, and you will be traveling on a mountain road. The going is slow but the view and the climate is beautiful.

In Sabah, you will find that places are measured in the time it takes to get there rather than in actual kilometers.

Mahua Waterfall, a pristine wonder

Mahua Waterfall is a pristine natural fall nestled deep in the tropical rainforest of the Crocker Mountain Range. This waterfall is 17 metres tall and has a pool depth of 1.3 metres, and the water is cold.

When you get to Crocker Range Park Mahua Tambunan after a bumpy ride, you need to pay a conservation fee to go into the park. The fee is RM3 for Malaysian and RM10 for non-Malaysians. It is normal to pay a conservation fee whenever you go to a National Park and the money collected is used for conservation purposes.

To get to Mahua Waterfall, you need to take a short hike through the rainforest.

Mahua Waterfall Crocker Range Park trail to Mahua Waterfall Tambunan Sabah
Mahua Waterfall spring Mahua Waterfall Tambunan

Mahua Waterfall is a good place for a picnic and if you do not mind the cold water, you can jump right in the pool. You can also camp there which will involve a RM5 fee.

Air Terjun in Malay means waterfall.

Mahua Waterfall Air Terjun Tambunan
Photo credits: http://jpajuni.blog.com

The Way To Mahua Waterfall

If you are visiting Sabah, your best bet is to book with a tour agency and let them take care of the details. Transportation is the main issue.

On the way to Tambunan, you will pass by the Rafflesia Information Centre. The Rafflesia Information Centre is open daily to visitors from 8am to 3pm. Most tour agency can fit this into your itinerary if you want to go on a trek to find a blooming Rafflesia flower. The Rafflesia flower is the largest flower in the world and can only be found in certain parts of Sabah. Wear your walking shoes because this will be a trek through challenging terrain.

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Photo credits: All photographs from http://jpajuni.blog.com.

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