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Sunday July 1st 2012

Day Trip To Mesilau And Kinabalu Park

Day Trip To Mesilau Resort and Kinabalu Park

Taking a day trip to Mesilau and Kinabalu park is going to take up the entire day. On our day trip to Mesilau at the end of January 2012, it was a biting 15 degrees Celsius.

We went on the trip with 9 adults and 3 kids, in 2 vehicle. We will be using 4wd as the route to Mesilau is pretty steep and will be tough on your brakes.

Expect the drive to be about 2 hours to Mesilau Nature Resort. As it is a family outing with some associates we took a leisurely drive to the mountain. It was a wet day, with light rain. Coming up from Kota Kinabalu, we went from a hot climate to a cool climate, making it seem colder than it was.

Day Trip To Mesilau, Side Trip To Nabalu

Before we got to Kundasang, we stop by Nabalu. Nabalu is a row of shophouses and this is where you will find Sabah handicraft at bargain prices. Bargain prices means you ask for a discount. You can get up to RM10 off for t-shirts. A good bargain as we bought a couple ourselves.

Gerai Pekan Nabalu, Sabah
Nabalu Handicraft Center, before Kinabalu National Park
Nabalu Handicraft Center
Nabalu Handicraft Center, good bargains
Nabalu handicraft Sabah, Kinabalu Park
Don't be pushy, but always ask for a discount

Day Trip To Mesilau Nature Resort

The weather was a welcome relief from the heat of Kota Kinabalu. Seems that it rains every time we go to Mesilau Nature Resort. Mesilau Nature Resort is managed by Sutera Harbour Resort, so you can expect to pay 5 star prices here.

We were there to take in the cool mountain air and just generally hang out. We ordered 2 platters of sandwiches, 3 baskets of fried bananas and hot drinks. The price for the drinks and snacks, just above RM200.

Mesilau Resort Restaurant, Kundasang
Mesilau Resort Restaurant, Sabah
Mesilau Nature Resort Restaurant, Kinabalu National Park
Dine in the cool climate of Mount Kinabalu
Visitors in Mesilau resort, Sabah
Kids all bundle up in the 15 degrees cold
Temperature at Mesilau, 15 degrees
The temperature at Mesilau Nature Resort at 2pm

Getting to Mesilau is quite straight forward. When you get to Kundasang roundabout, take a left. The Kundasang roundabout is huge and there are signboards everywhere. From here on, it is uphill all the way. Keep your eye out for the Mesilau Nature Resort signboards. On our previous trip, one of our party actually missed the turn off and we had to go looking for them.

Day Trip To Mesilau, Kundasang Market

On our way to Kinabalu National Park, we stopped by Kundasang as we exited Mesilau. There is a local produce market there, selling local wild honey, vegetables, fruits, orchids amongst other local produce. This local market which consists of wooden stalls has been around for decades. Most visitors will drop by here, Kundasang is a major producer of vegetables in Kota Kinabalu.

Kundasang Local Market in Sabah
Local produce market in Kundasang, Sabah

We went to Kinabalu National Park for a short visit after Kundasang market. It was even colder in National Park, with the wind and the rain. We took our 4wd up towards Tompohon gate and stopped off halfway for a brief stay at one of the rest areas.

Travel tip:
If you have gone to Mesilau resort, hang on to the tickets you pay when you enter the nature park. The ticket collection goes towards the conservation of Sabah Parks. You can use these tickets to gain entrance to National Park.

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