Bombalai Volcano In Sabah

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Bombalai An Extinct Volcano In Tawau, Sabah

I am somewhat surprised to learn that the Bombalai Hill is the only volcano to be found in the whole of Malaysia. I doubt the majority of people in Tawau really knows what Bombalai Hill is. In all the years I have been there, no one has ever mentioned volcano.

I have always wondered about Bombalai Hill in Tawau. It is one of the the only predominate hills you can see close to Tawau town. Imagine my surprise to read that it is an extinct volcano in Sabah which was last thought to have erupted some 27,000 years ago.

Bombalai hill is some 530 meters high and marks the only known Holocene volcano eruption in Borneo.

Is Bombalai Volcano Dormant Or Extinct?

I am glad that the possibility of Bombalai erupting again is unlikely to happen any time in the near future. It is too situated too close to populated areas. I have never heard of Bombalai being a volcano, nor an folk-lore about a volcano in Sabah.

No one knows when the last eruption was and is listed as unknown. Carbon dating tells us that the lava rocks were formed possibly some 27,000 years ago.

Bombalai hill Tawau. The only known volcano in Malaysia.

The Bombalai volcano is just one of the many interesting things you can find through out Sabah.

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