Laban Rata Resthouse On Mount Kinabalu

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Laban Rata Resthouse: Where You Spend The Night

For most climbers on Mount Kinabalu, the Laban Ratu Resthouse is a welcomed sight. It means you have completed the first leg of your journey up the mountain. After hours of climbing up steps cut into trail, going through dense forest to a sparse landscape, it is time for a rest.

Now that you are here, it is time to enjoy the scenic view and have a bite of something to eat. Depending on the time of the year, it could be a clear sunny day or it could be covered in fog by the afternoon.

Laban Rata Resthouse is operated by Sutera Sancturies and is the only heated resthouse on the mountain. Non heated resthouses consist of Gunting Lagadan Hut, Panar Laban Hut and Waras Hut.

laban rata resthouse by shamsul adzrin via facebook

Laban Rata Resthouse: How To Book

All trips up Mount Kinabalu should be made through authorized travel agents. The safest way is to book online in advance before your trip to Sabah. Although there is always a chance that you might be able to walk into a travel agent and get an available spot for a climb.

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