35 International Climbers Scaled Mt Kinabalu For Duchenne

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Coalition Duchenne Scaled Mount Kinabalu With 35 Climbers

In August 2011, We was told that Coalition Duchenne aims to climb Mount Kinabalu in a quest to raise global awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Like many people, we have not really paid attention to what Duchenne muscular dystrophy was, nor how challenging it can be. Those with Duchenne are often lose their lives to the disease before they reach the age of 20.

The mission of Coalition Duchenne is to raise global awareness for Duchenne, to fund research and to find a cure.

Here is their story of Expedition Mount Kinabalu by Catherine Jayasuriya.

35 International Climbers For Coalition Duchenne Climbs Mt Kinabalu

September 9-10, 2011

Early on the morning of September 10th, 35 international climbers from 9 different countries (England, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, China, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and the USA) climbed Mt Kinabalu, and made history by raising the Coalition Duchenne banner. On this day we raised global awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

35 climbers responded to our call to action. We were humanity coming together to climb for the boys and young men with Duchenne who face far greater challenges than any mountain peak.

Our team of 35 climbed during the day, and in the early morning darkness, through the rain and the wind and cold. They huddled together on the summit at around 5am waiting for the sunrise, realizing they could no longer feel their fingers or toes.

The climb was tiring and it was challenging. But it was not as tiring and challenging as life is for boys with Duchenne.

For me Mt Kinabalu stands for stability, strength and hope. The climb was at times difficult. But we never gave up hope. We believed in hope in the face of difficulty and in the face of adversity. As a symbol of hope, Mt Kinabalu gives me hope as a mother on a journey with a son suffering from Duchenne.

Duchenne is a difficult road, and presents many challenges along the way. Duchenne steals many things, your ability to walk, to hug, to move, to talk, to breathe, but there is that something inside of you, that it can never get to, that it can never take… Hope.

Raising awareness for Duchenne today has given new hope and optimism for those living with Duchenne. With more awareness, we will attract more funding and treatments and a cure for Duchenne.

We came together as nations, as people, as individuals, to help. We reached our goal.

Thank you to everyone who climbed. Thank you to those of you who flew internationally, who traveled to Malaysia, to those of you who put aside your busy lives, I thank you deeply for our new friendships. I thank you for your time, your compassion, your contribution and your kindness.

Thank you to all the people of Sabah who showed such kindness to my son wherever he went.

The response has been overwhelming. Everyone came forward with enthusiasm, generosity and compassion.

I am truly grateful.

With sincere gratitude,

Coalition Duchenne Expedition Mount Kinabalu

Coalition Duchenne Mt Kinabalu

Coalition Duchenne Mt Kinabalu – Why We Do It

Coalition Duchenne in Sabah

Coalition Duchenne – Why We Do It

Coalition Duchenne Mount Kinabalu

Coalition Duchenne – The Long Way To Timpohon Gate

Coalition Duchenne Mt Kinabalu Climb

Coalition Duchenne – The going gets tough

Coalition Duchenne Summit Mt Kinabalu

Coalition Duchenne – At the Summit of Mt Kinabalu

Coalition Duchenne returns Kinabalu Park

Coalition Duchenne – Getting back down safely

Coalition Duchenne Mt Kinabalu Team

Coalition Duchenne Mt Kinabalu Expedition Climbers – Syabas

To read more on the Coalition Duchenne Mount Kinabalu Expedition, visit their website at www.coalitionduchenne.org.

Our thanks to Catherine Jayasuriya of www.coalitionduchenne.org for the article and photos.

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  1. Toni says:

    For a cause as worthy as that, it was great that there are people willing to do that climb. I hope that it will not only end with the awareness but with concrete steps in finding a cure for the disease.

  2. adrian says:

    You can help spread the word about Coalition Duchenne posting the link on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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